Colds catarrh

symptoms Cold or influenza with fever, sneezing, sweating, and need for warmth. Profuse catarrh may be watery at first, then blood-stained, thick, and yellowish in color, with a smell of old cheese. Contact with cold air triggers sneezing. The nostrils may feel sore and raw. Colds may begin with a tickly throat (see right). There may be sinusitis, with pain in the facial bones and the bridge of the nose. Pain is often right-sided and extends to the ear, notably on swallowing. There may be

CALCIUM SULFIDE Hahnemann developed his own form of calcium sulfide using flowers of sulfur and powdered oyster shell instead of ordinary lime.

a piercing earache with a foul-smelling ear discharge.

Symptoms better For warmth; for warm, wet weather; for covering the head; for eating. Symptoms worse For cold and cold drafts; for touch; for undressing.

How To Win Your War Against Anxiety Disorders

How To Win Your War Against Anxiety Disorders

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