Building symptom pictures

Armed with a "symptom picture," a person can proceed to the homeopathic directory (see pages 218-69) in which symptom descriptions can be compared and suitable remedies identified. Some symptoms are common to several ailments. A sore throat may be indicative of a cold, influenza, or laryngitis. It may be necessary, therefore, to study the symptom pictures of several ailments, comparing the accompanying physical symptoms and psychological symptoms listed. The remedy lists in the self-help section that follows are not


What are your most obvious physical symptoms?

EXAMPLES: pain, soreness, inflammation, skin eruption, itching, bleeding, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, sore throat, cough, fever, fainting, dizziness, headache.

Are main symptoms accompanied by less acute symptoms?

EXAMPLES: perspiration, chilliness, great thirst, desire for or aversion to certain foods, loss of appetite, sensitivity to touch, weak limbs, coated tongue, swollen glands.

What are the characteristics of your symptoms?

EXAMPLES: location in the body, sudden or gradual onset, constant or intermittent occurrence, frequency of recurrence.

Do you have any psychological symptoms?

EXAMPLES: restlessness, irritability, anger, anxiety, tearfulness, self-pity, emotional oversensitivity, indifference, desire to be alone, irrational fears, desire for sympathy.

Are you aware of any obvious cause of the symptoms?

EXAMPLES: injury, viral infection, bacterial infection, exposure to extremes of temperature or strong wind, stress, anxiety, grief, overwork.

Do your symptoms get better or worse under certain conditions?

EXAMPLES: warmth or cold, fresh air, application of hot or cold compresses, sitting or standing, lying in a particular way, physical or mental exertion, emotional stress.

FORMS OF HOMEOPATHIC REMEDY Homeopathic remedies are available in different potencies (see page 28) and a variety of forms; from left to right, tablets, pilules, granules, and powder.

exhaustive, but are common examples of homeopathic treatment for minor ailments. It is not necessary to exhibit all the symptoms listed, nor to match all the better or worse factors, for a remedy to be suitable. One can be chosen on the basis of the main symptoms, the likely cause, and onset characteristics.

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