Blockage Of The Eustachian Tube

The eustachian tube may become blocked by catarrh resulting from an infection of the upper respiratory tract, a middle ear or adenoid infection, or tonsillitis; by swollen adenoids (which cover the opening to the eustachian tube at the back of the nose); or due to barotrauma after flying.

SELF-HELP To dislodge catarrh, inhale three drops of lemon juice up each nostril three times a day for five days, using a dropper.

Do not do this if you are prone to nosebleeds.

CAUTION If there is no improvement after seven days, consult a doctor within 48 hours.

Eustachian tube blockage with constricting feeling in the throat

Glands in the throat may be swollen and hard Painful, constricting feeling in the throat

Eustachian tube blockage with coughing up of catarrh

Deafness caused by the swelling of the eustachian tube

Cracking noise in the ear on blowing the nose or swallowing

Runny nose and coughing up of catarrh from the back of the throat

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