Bacillinum pulmo (Bacillinum) 129, 282 back pain

Berberis vulgaris (Berberis) 41 Ferrum metallicum (Ferrum met.) 81 Kalium carbonicum (Kali. carb.) 88 Kalium phosphoricum (Kali. phos.) 89 Badiaga 282

see also Spongilla fluviatilis balanitis 264-65

balsam of copaiva see Copaifera officinalis baneberry see Actaea spicata Baptisia tinctoria (Baptisia) 40, 282 barberry see Berberis vulgaris barium carbonate see Barium carbonicum Barium carbonicum (Baryta carb.) 76,

266-67, 282 Barium chloratum (Baryta mur.) 129,282

barium chloride see Barium chloratum bark elder see Viburnum opulus Baryta carb ./Baryta carbonica 282

see also Barium carbonicum Baryta mur. 282

see also Barium chloratum bastard Brazil wood see Comocladia dentata bearberry see Arctostaphylos uva-ursi bed bug see Acanthia lectularia bed-wetting 248-49 bee see Apis mellifica behavioral problems 56

see also emotional problems;

psychological problems; individual problems by name,e.g., obsessive-compulsive behavior bell pepper see Capsicum annuum var. annuum Belladonna 282

see also Atropa belladonna Bellis perennis (Bellis) 129, 273, 282 Benzoic ac./benzoic acid 282

see also Acidum benzoicum Berberis vulgaris (Berberis) 41, 282

bhang bhanga see Cannabis sativa 'Indica' bichromate of potash see Kalium bichromicum big smoke see Papaver somniferum bile 188

Bismuth met./bismuth 283

see also Bismuthum metallicum Bismuthum metallicum (Bismuth met.)

130, 283 bitch's milk see Lac caninum bites & stings 104, 105

first aid 272 bitter apple/bitter cucumber see Cucumis colocynthis bitter nightshade/bittersweet see Solanum dulcamara black cohosh see Cimicifuga racemosa black elder see Sambucus nigra black hellebore see Helleborus niger black henbane see Hyoscyamus niger black mustard see Brassica nigra black oxide of mercury see Hydrargyrum metallicum black radish see Raphanus sativus var. niger black snakeroot see Cimicifuga racemosa black sulfide of antimony see Stibium sulphuratum nigrum black widow spider see Latrodectus mactans blackheads 240 blacklead see Graphites blazing star see Chamaelirium luteum bleeding 94, 107 first aid 270 nosebleeds 274

vaginal bleeding & discharge 108 blister beetle see Cantharis vesicatoria blisters, first aid 273 bloating & flatulence 44, 236-37 blockage of the eustachian tube 222-23 blood & blood circulation 184 bloodroot see Sanguinaria canadensis blood vessels 184

blue cohosh see Caulophyllum thalictroides blue flag see Iris versicolor blue rocket see Aconitum napellus bluebell see Agraphis nutans body odor 254-55

boils 240-41

bones 192 bone conditions 69, 78, 97 bone pain 75, 77 boneset see Eupatorium perfoliatum boracic acid see Acidum boricum Borax 283

see also Natrum tetraboracicum Boric ac./boric acid 283

see also Acidum boricum Bothrops lanceolatus (Bothrops) 130, 283 brain 178

controlling breathing 180 controlling menstrual cycle 198 coordinating digestive system 188 limbic system 210 brain inflammation 55 Brassica nigra (Sinapis) 130, 307 Brazilian coral snake see Micrurus corallinus Brazilian toad see Bufo bufo breast-feeding problems 262-63 breast pain 258-59 breast problems 201 Bryonia alba (Bryonia) 42 Conium maculatum (Conium) 51 Lac caninum (Lac can.) 108 breast tissue, cancerous (remedy)

see Carcinosinum breathing 180

ABC of resuscitation 270 breathing problems 44 see also respiratory illness brimstone see Sulphur bromine see Bromum Bromum (Bromum) 130, 283 bronchi 180

bronchitis 53, 115, 228-29 bronchopneumonia 183 bruising, first aid 273 Bryonia alba (Bryonia) 42, 283 breast problems 42, 258-59 bronchitis 228-29 constipation 42, 238-39 coughs 42, 228-29 heat exhaustion 275 measles 252-53 bryony see Bryonia alba buckwheat see Fagopyrum esculentum

Bufo bufo (Bufo) 130-31, 283 bug agaric see Agaricus muscarius bugleweed see Lycopus virginicus bulbous buttercup/bulbous crowfoot see Ranunculus bulbosus Burnett, James Compton 13 burning pains 94 burns & scalds 105 first aid 270 minor 273 bushmaster snake see Lachesis muta butterfly weed see Asclepias tuberosa

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