Atropa belladonna

See Materia Medica page 76 See also pages 187, 202, 266-67

Key uses

• Acutely swollen glands

• Mental disability in children with delayed development

• Nervous system disorders, such as seizures

• Retardation in elderly people

• Severe eczema

See Materia Medica page 129 See also page 194

Key uses

• Acute fever and pain

• Headaches and migraines

• Menstrual pain

• Sore throat and dry cough

See Materia Medica page 39 See also pages 193, 196, 201, 205, 222-23, 224-25, 232-33, 240-41, 246-47, 248-49, 250-51, 252-53, 262-63


Bellis perennis

Key uses

• Muscle strain, sprains, and bruises

• Pain during pregnancy or after miscarriage or surgery

• Prolonged pain after injury

• Tumors on the sites of old injuries

• Varicose veins and congestion of the veins

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