Asarum europaeum

Key uses

• Alcoholism

• Aversion to sexual intercourse

• Digestive problems, possibly associated with anorexia

• Nervous hypersensitivity and edgy, hysterical behavior

• Severe insomnia

See Materia Medica page 127


Asterias rubens

Key uses

• Circulatory disorders, such as strokes

• Hard, swollen glands in the armpits

• High libido in women, causing restless sleep, erotic dreams, bad temper, and weepiness

• Left-sided symptoms, especially in women

• Obstinate constipation, especially during menopause

• Sharp breast pains at night

See Materia Medica page 128


Avena sativa

Key uses

• Chronic insomnia

• Great weakness

• Male impotence, possibly linked with excessive sexual activity

• Nervous exhaustion

See Materia Medica page 75

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