Arum Triph

common names Jack-in-the-pulpit, Indian turnip, wild turnip. origin Found in North America. background Jack-in-the-pulpit was used medicinally by native Americans. The fresh root is a severe skin irritant, but when dried it was used for a variety of ailments,

People who respond best to Arum triph. tend to be excitable and nervous. They are often 1 restless and cross. Characteristically they may bore their heads into their pillows. Key conditions associated with Arum triph. involve irritation and inflammation of the mucous membranes and skin, such as allergic skin reactions, eczema, scarlet fever, or hay fever. Typical symptoms include raw, red, itchy skin, particularly on the face, and a raw, burning mouth and throat, PJ with acute or chronic hoarseness.

The lips may be chapped or cracked at the corners. Picking the lips and the nose are further common symptoms, especially if accompanied by delirium. Symptoms better For warmth; for eating breakfast and dinner.

Symptoms worse For cold and wet; for heat; for cold, northeasterly winds; for overusing the voice; for lying down. See also Allergies, page 206

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