Anxiety phobias

symptoms Anxiety, possibly accompanied by palpitations, tremors, awkwardness, sweats, insomnia, and even vomiting (see right). There is typically a feeling of being out of control, and the imagination may become overactive, spiraling off to exacerbate fears and heighten anxieties or phobias. Common triggers include stage fright, anticipatory anxiety, and phobias such as claustrophobia, vertigo, or fear of water or the dentist. People who respond to this remedy usually feel very anxious about their health. Symptoms better For fresh air; in cool surroundings; for pressure on the head, such as a tight bandage around it. Symptoms worse For warmth; in hot weather; at night; for movement; for lying on the left side; for emotional stress; for overwork; for talking.

Conquering Fear In The 21th Century

Conquering Fear In The 21th Century

The Ultimate Guide To Overcoming Fear And Getting Breakthroughs. Fear is without doubt among the strongest and most influential emotional responses we have, and it may act as both a protective and destructive force depending upon the situation.

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