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Mullein's soft fuzzy leaves give a hint of its soothing qualities for internal use. Its particular affinity is for the respiratory system, but it also calms and strengthens the nerves, digestion, and urinary system. It is good for swollen glands, and helps relieve pain in general.

Think of mullein tea for easing throat and chest problems, especially dry and irritable coughs. It can quickly soothe an irritating tickle at the back of the throat.

Mullein flower oil is the best natural remedy for earache. Our son's ear infections when he was little were always quickly relieved (except for once when the oil was old and had lost its potency). The oil can be used externally for any kind of swelling and irritation.

Following up on ancient precedent, a useful remedy to ease the foot pain of plantar fasciitis is to put a fresh mullein leaf in your shoe, replacing with a new one when the first one has dried out.

Mullein poultices for external use are excellent to draw out splinters and boils, but, like the tea, also work at deeper bodily levels for backaches, lymphatic swellings, and even broken bones. The poultices are effective in soothing swollen glands and for mumps.

Mullein is the only herb known to man that has remarkable narcotic properties without being poisonous and harmful.

- Dr Christopher (1976)

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