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Harvesting from the wild Using your herbal harvest

Agrimony - Agrimonia eupatoria, A. procera, A. gryposepala

Bilberry - Vaccinium myrtillus Blaeberry, Whortleberry

Birch - Betula pendula, B. pubescens, B. lenta

Blackberry. Bramble - Rubus fruticosus

Burdock - Arctium spp.

Cherry - Prunus avium, P. serotina

Chickweed - Stellaria media

Cleavers - Galium aparine

Coltsfoot - Tussilago farfara

Comfrey - Symphytum officinale

Couch grass - Elytrigia repens, syn. Elymus repens, Agropyron repens, Triticum repens

Curled dock, Yellow dock - Rumex crispus

Dandelion - Taraxacum officinale

Elder - Sambucus nigra

Guelder rose, Crampbark - Viburnum opulus

Hawthorn - Crataegus monogyna, C. laevigata (syn. C. oxyacantha)

Honeysuckle, Woodbine - Lonicera periclymenum

Hops - Humulus lupulus

Horse chestnut - Aesculus hippocastanum

Horseradish - Armoracia rusticana

Horsetail - Equisetum arvense

Lime, Linden - Tilia spp. Lycium - Lycium barbarum, L. chinense Mallow - Malva sylvestris Meadowsweet - Filipendula ulmaria Mint - Mentha spp.

Mugwort, common wormwood - Artemisia vulgaris

Mullein - Verbascum spp.

Nettle, stinging nettle - Urtica dioica

Oak - Quercus robur, Q. petraea, Q. alba

Pellitory of the wall - Parietaria judaica syn. P. diffusa, P. officinalis

Plantain - Plantago major, P. lanceolata

Ramsons, Bear garlic - Allium ursinum

Raspberry - Rubus idaeus

Red clover - Trifolium pratense

Red poppy - Papaver rhoeas

Rosebay willowherb, Fireweed - Chamerion angustifolium syn.

Epilobium angustifolium, Chamaenerion angustifolium

Self-heal - Prunella vulgaris

Shepherd's purse - Capsella bursa-pastoris

St John's wort - Hypericum perforatum

Sweet cicely - Myrrhis odorata

Teasel - Dipsacus fullonum syn. D. sylvestris

Vervain - Verbena officinalis

White deadnettle, Archangel - Lamium album

Wild lettuce - Lactuca virosa, L. serriola

Wild rose - Rosa spp

Willow - Salix alba, S. fragilis, S. nigra

Willowherb - Epilobium spp.

Wood betony - Stachys officinalis syn. Betonica officinalis

Yarrow - Achillea millefolium

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