T r i f o l i u m p r a t e n

An important nitrogen-fixing forage crop, red clover is also a significant medicinal plant with a long history as a blood cleanser. It is used for chronic constipation, skin complaints, chronic degenerative diseases, and bronchitis. It has been included in many anti-cancer formulae, and helps balance hormone levels during the menopause, relieving symptoms such as hot flashes.

Clover or trefoil (three leaves) has a sacred past. It had significance for the Druids, and St Patrick was said to have used a clover in the meadow to explain the Trinity to Irish pagans. As befitted a plant of such fortunate lineage clover was worthy, with other holy herbs, to protect the virtuous against dark forces. One old rhyme went (in Sir Walter Scott's 1815 version):

Trefoil, vervain, St John's wort, dill, Hinder witches of their will.

The oldest form of the name "clover" we have is Anglo-Saxon cloeferwort, the last syllable being a marker of its herbal value (a "wort" is a medicinal herb). The name may have derived from the Latin clava or club, probably the threeknotted club of Hercules; from the fourteenth century clover was the symbol of the card suit "clubs."

In Tudor times the plant was called claver, which later became clover. The Irish national flower, the shamrock, means "small clover," though it's really an Oxalis.

In the Middle Ages legumes, like peas, beans, and vetches, were grown as fodder and food crops. From the mid-seventeenth century farmers added red and white clover; only much later did scientists learn why it was so useful: clover fixed organic nitrogen in the soil in its root nodules. Clover remains an excellent hay (to be "in clover" still means to have abundance).

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