St Johns wort flower ess

Find a patch of St John's wort growing in a peaceful spot. On a clear sunny day sit near the plants for a while until you feel relaxed and at peace. Because flower essences are based on the vibrational energy of a plant rather than its chemistry, your intention is important.

Place a small clear glass bowl on the ground near the plants. Fill it with about a cupful of rain water or spring water, then use a pair of scissors to pick enough flowers to cover the surface of the water. Leave them there for an hour or two. The water will still look clear, but the flowers may have wilted. Use your scissors to lift them carefully out of the water, then pour the water into a bottle that is half full of brandy. This is your mother essence. You can use any size of bottle you like, but a half pint blue glass bottle works well, and it may be easier to fill if you use a funnel. If there is any water left over, drink it.

To use your essence, put 3 drops of mother essence in a small (1 fl oz) dropper bottle filled with brandy. Using this stock bottle, you can:

• put 20 drops in the bath, then soak for at least twenty minutes.

• rub directly on the skin, or mix into creams.

• put a few drops in a glass or bottle of water and sip during the day.

• make a dosage bottle by putting three drops of stock essence into a dropper bottle containing a 50/50 brandy and water mix. Use several drops directly under the tongue as needed, or at least twice daily.

St John's wort flower essence

• environmental stress

• nightmares

• bedwetting

• seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

• protection

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