Selfheal flower essence

To make the flower essence, find a patch of self-heal growing in a peaceful sunny spot. Just sit near the plants for a while until you feel relaxed and at peace with the plants and the place. Because flower essences are based on the vibrational energy of a plant rather than its chemistry, your intention is important.

When you are ready, place a small clear glass bowl on the ground near the plants. Fill it with about a cupful of rain water or spring water, then pick enough flowers from nearby to cover the surface of the water. Leave them there for an hour or two - you can relax nearby or go for a walk while they infuse. The water will still look clear, but the flowers may have wilted. Use a twig to lift them carefully out of the water, and then pour the water into a bottle that is half full of brandy. This is called your mother essence. You can use any size of bottle you like, but a half pint blue glass bottle works well, and it may be easier to fill if you use a funnel. If there is any water left over, you can drink it.

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Conquering Fear In The 21th Century

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