sacred plant

SAD (seasonal affective disorder)

sage salad salicylic acid

Salix spp.


Sambucus nigra sanicle saponins saw palmetto scars sciatica

Scotland scrofula sedative sekanjabin selenium self-heal; recipes shepherd's purse; recipes shingles shins shock silica sinuses sinusitis skin: conditions; creams skullcap sleep slimming slippery elm smoking smoothies smudge stick soothing sores soup

South Africa spasm spearmint spirits spleen splinters sports injuries sprains

St John's day

St John's wort harvesting; recipes

Stachys officinalis

Stellaria media stinging nettle: see nettle stings stomach; acid nervous; ulcers strawberry stress strewing herbs stroke succus sucrose sunburn sunstroke superfood sweating

Sweet Annie sweet cicely; recipes sweets swellings

Symphytum officinale syphilis syrups

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