Rose petal glycerite

viral infections

• hormone balance

• feeling unloved

• feeling unloving

• loneliness

Rose petal glycerite

You can use garden roses along with wild roses for this recipe, as long as they haven't been sprayed.

Pick fragrant rose petals and put them in a jar with a mixture of 60% vegetable glycerine and 40% water. Put the jar on a sunny window ledge or in a warm place. Stir occasionally to keep the petals beneath the surface of the liquid. You can add more petals over the season, removing any that have turned transparent. When the last petals have lost their color, strain off the liquid and bottle. It should have a powerful aroma of rose, and taste heavenly.

Uses: 1 teaspoonful as needed for sore throats or viral infections.

For a "broken heart" or grief, mix half and half with hawthorn tincture and take 1 teaspoonful several times a day. Rose glycerite is a pleasant addition to many herbal tinctures and formulae.

As a face lotion for dry or delicate skin, mix half and half with water and apply daily.

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