Mugwort tincture

• irregular periods

• suppressed periods

• stress and anxiety

Mugwort punch

• poor appetite

• sluggish digestion

• stress and anxiety

Mugwort pillow

• protection from bad dreams

• promotes lucid dreams

• stress and anxiety

Smudge stick

• clears negative and old stuck energy

• calms and protects

Scrophulariaceae Figwort family

Description: Biennial plants, growing in their first year as a rosette of downy leaves, and sending up a tall spike with yellow flowers in their second summer.

Habitat: Sides of fields, roadsides, dry ground.

Species used: Great mullein is the species generally discussed in herbals, but any of the tall, yellow-flowered mulleins can be used, as can white mullein (Verbascum album).

Distribution: Great mullein (V. thapsus) is native to Europe, northern Africa, and Asia, and naturalized in parts of North America, Africa, and Australia.

Related species: There are about 300 species of Verbascum-worldwide.

Parts used: Leaves and flowers, sometimes the root.


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