Mugwort smudge stick

Pick the silvery top 8" or so of mugwort when the flowers are in bud or first open. Leave them in a cool airy place to dry for a few days. Before they dry completely, and while they are still flexible, make small bundles up to about 1" thick, with the stem ends together. Starting at the stem end, wind a piece of cotton thread in a spiral around the bundle to the end and then back again, tying off securely. Leave the bundles to dry completely.

To use, hold the smudge stick by the stem end and light the other end with a match. You may need to blow on it at first to keep it burning. Wave the stick around with a circular motion as you move through a room or around a person - the movement helps keep the stick burning as well as spreading the smoke through the air.

The underside of a mugwort leaf is covered wth silvery, downy hairs.

The Miracle Of Vinegar

The Miracle Of Vinegar

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