Dandelion tincture

The root or the leaves can be tinctured separately for specific uses, but for general use we prefer to use the whole plant. Dig up dandelion plants, wash the dirt off and remove any dead leaves. The plants can be left whole or chopped up. Place in a jar large enough to hold them, and pour enough vodka in to cover the plants completely.

Put the jar in a cool place out of sunlight. If you chop up your plants, the tincture can be ready in as little as two weeks, otherwise leave it for a month before straining, squeezing the residue in a jelly bag or piece of muslin to get all the liquid out. Pour it into clean amber or blue glass bottles, label, and store until needed.


• For general health maintenance, take half a teaspoonful twice daily.

• For acute skin eruptions, take 10 drops in water frequently throughout the day until the skin clears.

• For digestive problems, recuperation from chronic illness, sluggish liver, arthritis, gout, eczema, and psoriasis, take half to 1 teaspoonful three times daily in water.

• For overindulgence in food or drink, take 10 drops in water every hour until you are feeling better.

DANDELION FLOWERS Flower infused oil

• muscle tension

Dandelion flower beer

Pick 100 dandelion flowers. Boil 4 pints of water with three and a half ounces of light brown sugar until the sugar has dissolved. Allow to cool until tepid, then pour over the dandelion flowers in a large container. Add a lemon, finely sliced.

Cover the container with a clean cloth and set aside in a cool place for three or four days, stirring occasionally. Strain and pour into tightly corked bottles. The beer will be ready to drink in just a few days.

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