Achillea millefolium acidity; see also stomach acid acne acne rosacea addiction adenoids

ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)


Aesculus hippocastanum age spots aging

Agrimonia eupatoria agrimony; harvesting; recipes ague AIDS

alcoholism ale alkaloids all-heal allergies

Allium ursinum ambrosia anal fissure anaphrodisiac anemia angina

Anglo-Saxons aniseed ankle: sprained; swollen anorexia anthocyanins antibacterial antibiotic anti-fungal antihistamine anti-inflammatory anti-microbial antioxidant antiseptic anti-tussive antiviral anxiety apéritif aphrodisiac appendicitis appetite


Arctium spp.

Armoracia rusticana

Artemisia vulgaris arteries, hardening arteriosclerosis arthritis aspirin asthma astringency atherosclerosis athlete's foot athletic performance



ADHD Helping Your Anxious Child Audio

ADHD Helping Your Anxious Child Audio

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