Chinese Cultural Studies The Chinese Language and Writing

This is an introductory article on the Chinese language and the pin yin system of romanizing Chinese characters from a course in Chinese cultural studies, given at Brooklyn College of the City of New York.

An increasing amount of information on Chinese herbs is appearing on the Internet. Some of these sites may organize information by the Chinese name for an herb or an herbal remedy, and the user may be given a choice of accessing entries using a pin yin index or a Latin index. For purposes of identification, it is important to use both the Latin binomial and the Chinese pin yin nomenclature when discussing a Chinese herb, as it identifies the plant part and method of preparation of these complicated herbal products. Pin yin, meaning spell sound, is a system for writing Chinese sounds using the Western alphabet, also known as the Latin or Roman alphabet. This Pin yin method was introduced by the People's Republic of China and has been in official use in the West since 1958, replacing the older, less correct Wade-Giles system, hence the change from Peking to Beijing. This system has been the standard for the U.S. Government for more than two decades and is now used by the United Nations and most of the world's media.

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