Variable Angle Ellypsometry VASE

VASE measurements generated estimated thickness values for the layers formed on the chip surface during processing. A summary of the values obtained is shown in Table 2. Based on the topography detected by AFM, a roughness layer was calculated (16.8 A) and included in the calculated spectra. The thickness of the MPTS layer, 38.8 ± 7 A was larger than expected for a monolayer, suggesting the formation of multiple layers of MPTS during the

Figure 3 AFM images of Si-based TCM microarray. oligo, (c) hybridized oligo.

(a) MPTS, (b) immobilized self-assembly process owing to the amount of water present in the reaction. The hybridization layer was not uniform and yielded a thickness of 29.0 ± 5 A, suggesting that the oligonucleotides do not stand at 90° angle to the surface.

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