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There are numerous veins in the anal canal these are longitudinal and thin-walled. The veins can become dilated and convoluted to produce a condition known as haemorrhoids or piles. They may be divided into two main groups, internal and external. Internal haemorrhoids bulge into the rectal lumen above the internal anal sphincter. External haemorrhoids protrude below the external anal sphincter. Symptoms of haemorrhoids include bright red rectal bleeding, iron deficiency anaemia and rectal pain. Diagnosis can be made by visual examination or proctoscopy. Medical interventions for patients with haemorrhoids involve surgical procedures, such as rubber band ligation and haemorrhoidectomy. Haemorrhoids which do not prolapse through the anal sphincter can be treated by local injection.


Hemorrhoids, or piles, are swollen veins in the lower rectum and Hemorrhoids resembling a bunch of grapes Itchy inflammation of the veins Sore, bruised feeling in the anus Hemorrhoids may bleed Hemorrhoids feel strained and rigid Great thirst Internal hemorrhoids with splinterlike pain Internal hemorrhoids associated with constipation If the hemorrhoids bleed

Presentday Cultivation And Usage

GP is usually propagated by seed, but planting of the rhizome parts appears to be easier and quicker. The seeds are sown in the rainy season, in the shade of other crops, and transplanted during the next rainy season. The herb starts to produce fruits 3 years after sowing, and may continue to do so for the next 4 years (Lock et al., 1977). The fruits are harvested when they are red, and are carefully dried before removing the seeds for storage. The seeds are employed as a spice, and are also chewed in cold weather to warm the body. GP is currently use in ethno-medicine for the treatment of hemorrhoids, measles, leprosy, tumors, sleeping sickness, infections, abdominal pain, and inflammatory disorders (Rafatullah etal., 1995 Iwu et al., 1999). It is also used as a tonic for sexual stimulation, taken for excessive lactation, post-partum hemorrhage, and as a purgative, a galactogogue, and a hemostatic agent (Iwu et al., 1999). It serves as medicine for intestinal discomfort, pain during...

Historical Cultivation And Usage

Nutmeg originated in the Banda Islands of Indonesia, and was discovered by the Portuguese in 1512. The importance of the nutmeg seed was propagated by the Dutch. The name nutmeg is derived from the Latin nux muscatus, meaning musky nut. In India, nutmeg is known as Jaiphal. According to the ethno-medical literature, nutmeg seed oil was used for intestinal disorders by Indians, in embalming by Egyptians, and to cure plague by Italians. In ancient times, nutmeg seeds were used in medicines as an aphrodisiac, abortifacient, and anti-flatulent, a narcotic, and as a means to induce menses. The effect of the nutmeg seeds on the central nervous system was first observed in the early 19th century. Traditional uses of nutmeg seeds include treatment of hemorrhoids, chronic vomiting, rheumatism, cholera, psychosis, stomach cramps, nausea, and anxiety. Nutmeg seed oil also has antiseptic, analgesic, and antirheumatic properties.

Piper nigrum L Piperaceae Pepper Lada

Piper Nigrum

Traditional Medicinal Uses The plant is used in many Asian countries as a stimulant, for the treatment of colic, rheumatism, headache, diarrhoea, dysentery, cholera, menstrual pains, removing excessive gas and increasing the flow of urine. 11 It is also used in folk medicine for stomach disorders and digestive problems, neuralgia and scabies. In Ayurveda, it is used for arthritis, asthma, fever, cough, catarrh, dysentery, dyspepsia, flatulence, haemorrhoids, urethral discharge and skin damage. In Chinese medicine, it is used for Dosage A single dose ranges from 300-600 mg of the berries is taken internally for stomach disorder. 3 Homeopathic recommendations for irritation of mucous membranes and galactorrhoea are 5-10 drops, 1 tablet or 5-10 globules 1-3 times daily. 3 For the treatment of haemorrhoids, 5-15 whole peppercorns are recommended to be taken. 39 For congestion, cold, head cold, chicken soup with black pepper can be taken. 40 The average daily dose of the berries is stated...

Historical Aspects Of The Use Of Nuts And Seeds For Health In Pakistan

Nerve tonic, stimulant, and laxative (Islam etal., 2006) Blood purifier, anti-lice, vermicide, hemorrhoids, skin diseases such as scabies, wounds, leprosy, earache, and liver disorders (Sabeen & Ahmad, 2009) Pimples, eczema, toothache, and bleeding gums (Ahmad et al., 2006) Blood purifier, scabies, sedative, appetizer, anodyne, earache, malaria, anthrax, sore throat, and hemorrhoids (Ahmad et al., 2006 Sabeen & Ahmad, 2009) Nephritis, cough, bronchitis, ulceration of bladder, skin diseases, and in hemorrhoids (Shinwari & Khan, 2000) Purgative, anthelmintic, cough, influenza, and fever (Hayat et al., 2008 Qureshi et al., 2009) Demulcent, diuretic, and vermifuge (Islam etal., 2006) Vermifuge, jaundice, typhoid, and skin allergy (Hayat et al., 2008 Sabeen & Ahmad, 2009) Stomachic, and health tonic (Hussain et al., 2007) Brain tonic, aphrodisiac, spermatopoietic, cardiotonic, immunostimulant, expectorant, skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, hemorrhoids, otosclerosis, and...

Plantago major L Plantaginaceae Common Plantain Whitemans Foot Daun Sejumbok

Nica Granatum

Traditional Medicinal Uses The Greeks and Romans used it as an astringent, to heal wounds, asthma, fever and eye disorders. 5 In Brazil, it has been used to treat skin ulceration (cutaneous leishmaniasis) caused by Leishmania braziliensis. 6 P. major has been used in Turkey in the treatment of ulcers by taking the powdered dried leaves together with honey daily before breakfast. 7 Infusion of the leaf has been taken for diarrhoea, ulcers, bloody urine, digestive disorders, and excess mucous discharge. The American Indian groups make use of a poultice of the leaves for pain, swelling, cuts, wounds, sores, infections, blisters, insect bites, snakebites and haemorrhoids. 5 Its seeds are used to induce sweating, increase flow of urine, treat diarrhoea, dysentery, rheumatism, malaria, asthma, kidney problems, bladder diseases, gonorrhoea and piles. 3 Its roots are used to treat fever, respiratory infections and constipation. 5 The Commision E approved the internal use of plantain for...

Applications To Health Promotion And Disease Prevention

Plaquenil Toxcity Asians

In Asian folk medicine, the latex is used as an abortificant and antiseptic, and as a cure for dyspepsia in Africa, it is used for treating venereal diseases and hemorrhoids. In Cuba, the latex is used in the treatment of psoriasis, ringworm, and cancerous growths (Adeneye & Olagunju 2009). It has also been reported to aid protein digestibility and break down clots after surgery (Oduola et al., 2007).

Indications Coriander

DEP PHR PH2) Headache (f1 PH2 X15612768) Gas (f1 APA BGB DEP EGG) Gastrosis (f1 BGB HHB BIB DEP EGG PHR PH2) Hemorrhoid (f APA DEP PH2) Hernia (f BIB) Hiccup (f KAB) Hysteria (f BIB BOU JFM) Impotence (f BIB BOU) Induration (f JLH) Infection (f1 HH2 PH2) Inflammation (f KAB) Intoxication (f BIB DEP) Jaundice (f KAB) Kernel (f JLH) Leprosy (f PHR PH2) Listeria (1 X11929164) Measles (f APA HAD PH2) Mycosis (f1 DEP HH2 X15612768) Nausea (f BIB GHA IHB) Nervousness (f BIB) Neuralgia (f APA BIB EGG NAD) Neurosis (f BOU) Obesity (1 X15462185) Ophthalmia (f BOU DEP GHA) Orchosis (f BOU) Otosis (f BOU) Pain (f KAB PH2) Parasite (f BOU) Pharyngosis (f PHR PH2) Ptomaine (f BIB) Puerperium (f PHR) Rash (f PHR PH2) Rheumatism (f BOU HHB NAD) Salmonella (1 HH2 X15161192) Scabies (f KAB) Sclerosis (f BIB) Scrofula (f PH2) Smallpox (f DEP) Snakebite (f BIB) Sore (f DEP) Soroche (f EGG) Splenosis (f BIB) Stomachache (f BIB EGG EB49 406) Stomatosis (f KAB PHR PH2) Swelling (f DEP GHA) Syphilis (f BIB...

Indications Italian Cypress

Convulsion (f VOD) Cough (f BOU PH2 VOD) Diabetes (f BIB) Diarrhea (f1 BOU HHB VOD) Dyspepsia (f BIB) Enterosis (f HJP VOD) Enuresis (f BOU) Fever (f BIB) Flu (f BIB) Gastrosis (f JLH) Hemorrhoid (f1 BOU HHB KAB VOD) Hepatosis (f JLH) Hiccup (f HJP) Infection (f EFS) Inflammation (f HJP) Mastosis (f JLH) Menopause (f VOD) Menorrhagia (f VOD) Myofibroma (f BIB) Neurosis (f VOD) Orchosis (f JLH) Pertussis (f EFS WOI) Polyp (f BIB) Prolapse (f BIB) Pulmonosis (f VOD) Rheumatism (f VOD) Rhinosis (f JLH) Sclerosis (f BIB) Splenosis (f JLH) Swelling (f BIB HJP) Ulcer (f HJP) Uterosis (f VOD) Varicosity (1 HHB) Wart (f BIB) Worm (f HHB VOD) Wound (f HJP).

Indications Desert Date

(f BOU KAB) Bronchosis (f UPW) Bubo (f HDN) Burn (f NAD WO2) Carbuncle (f UPW) Caries (f UPW) Catarrh (f HDN) Childbirth (f WO2) Circumcision fi (BOU) Cold (f DEP HDN) Colic (f BIB KAB NAD UPW) Conjunctivosis (f HDN) Cough (f BIB DEP KAB NAD) Cramp (f HDN) Dermatosis (f KAB) Diabetes (1 WO3) Diarrhea (f HDN) Dysentery (f KAB UPW) Edema (1 X15763372) Fasciolaris (1 X10904170) Fever (f BOU HDN) Freckle (f NAD WO2) Fungus (1 HDN) Gingivosis (f UPW) Guinea Worm (1 WO3) Hemorrhoid (f UPW) Hepatosis (f1 HDN UPW PR15 598) Herpes (1 BIB HDN) High Blood Pressure (1 HDN) Impotence (f UPW) Infection (f BIB) Infection (1 HDN) Infertility (f HDN) Inflammation (f1 HDN X15763372) Insanity (f HDN UPW) Jaundice (f1 UPW PR13 439 X10441790) Leprosy (f UPW) Leukoderma (f BOU KAB) Malaria (f1 BIB BI2 BOU) Mycosis (1 HDN) Pain (f1 BOU HDN X15763372) Paralysis (f UPW) Pertussis (f WO2) Pneumonia (f WO2) Pulmonosis (f WO2) Rheumatism (f BIB UPW) Schistosomiasis (1 HDN 15664459) Shingle (1 HDN) Sleeping...

Frankincense boswellia sacra birdw burseraceae

Planta Cacahuate

The resin, used to stimulate digestion, to treat mastitis, and strengthen the teeth is also mixed into hair products. Soot collected from burning the resin is used as kohl memory device collyrium for soothing sore eyes. Pregnant Yemenis chew the gum, and it is also chewed for emotional and psychological problems. Arabians often chew it as a masticatory, believed to improve the memory, or add it to coffee. The resin is presumed to be diuretic and purgative. Thieret (1996) adds that in Greco-Roman medicine, frankincense was prescribed for abscesses, bruises, chest ache, hemorrhage, hemorrhoids, paralysis, and ulcers. In northern Africa, it is used for back problems, chest congestion, chronic coughs, poliomyelitis, and venereal ailments (Thieret, 1996). I fear that much of the information I have compiled should be viewed as generic rather than specific. I have focused on Boswellia sacra and carteri (HHB and WO2 data below however, refer to B. serrata, so-called Indian...

Indications Bitter Apple

Bacteria (1 ZUL) Bleeding (f ZUL) Bloat (f BIB) Bronchosis (f HDN) Bruise (f GHA) Burn (f UPW) Calculus (f BIB) Cancer (f1 JLH HDN X15527763) Cancer, lung (f1 JLH X15527763) Carbuncle (f BIB) Carcinoma (f JLH) Caries (f UPW) Catarrh (f UPW) Colic (f HDN) Constipation (f BIB) Cough (f UPW) Cramp (f1 HDN) Craw-craw (f HDN) Dandruff (f HDN ZUL) Dermatosis (f HDN) Diarrhea (f HDN UPW) Dysmenorrhea (f HDN) Dyspepsia (f GHA HDN UPW) Earache (f GHA HDN UPW) Edema (f1 HDN) Enterosis (f ZUL) Epilepsy (f HDN) Epistaxis (f BIB) Epithelioma (f JLH) Fever (f1 HDN) Fungus (1 HDN) Gas (f GHA) Gastrosis (f UPW) Gonorrhea (f HDN) Headache (f HDN) Hematuria (f UPW) Hemorrhoid (f GHA) Hepatoma (1 X11108802) Hepatosis (f1 BIB HDN ZUL) Herpes (f HDN) High Blood Pressure (1 HDN) Infection (f1 HDN ZUL) Infertility (f BIB) Inflammation (f1 HDN) Itch (f BIB) Laryngosis (f UPW) Melanoma (f JLH) Myalgia (f HDN) Mycosis (1 HDN) Nephrosis (f BIB) Neuralgia (f UPW) Neurosis (f HDN) Ophthalmia (f UPW) Pain (f HDN...

Jemerlang Laut Yellow Flame Yellow Flamboyant

Medicine Plant Useful For Infertility

Traditional Medicinal Uses The liquid extract of the plant is used as a contraceptive and a haemostatic. 6 The plant is also used alone or with other herbs decocted for diarrhoea, dyspepsia, dysentery, enteritis, diuretic, expelling worms, heat stroke, itching skin, haemorrhage, j aundice and cancer as well. 7 In folk medicine, it is used internally for uterine bleeding, menstrual bleeding, bleeding of haemorrhoids, gastrointestinal bleeding, rheumatic pain, as a diuretic, for bladder and kidney disease, and gout. It is used externally for poorly healing wounds, sprains and contusions. 1 The leaves are

Indications Camelthorn

Abscess (f BIB KAB) Adenopathy (f JLH UPW) Anorexia (f BIB SAY) Arthrosis (f GHA) Asthma (f BIB) Atherosclerosis (1 WO3) Bacteria (1 WO2) Biliousness (f DEP) Bleeding (f BIB) Bronchosis (f BIB) Cancer (f JLH) Cancer, abdomen (f JLH) Cancer, gland (f JLH) Cardiopathy (1 X1305866) Cataract (f GHA PAY) Catarrh (f PAY) Cerebrosis (f BIB) Constipation (f PAY) Corneosis (f BIB) Cough (f DEP PAY) Dermatosis (f BIB) Diarrhea (f1 SAY X15138016) Enterosis (f UPW) Epistaxis (f BIB) Fever (f PAY) Gastrosis (f PAY) Gingivosis (f PAY) Halitosis (f PAY) Headache (f BIB WO3) Hematachezia (f PAY) Hemicrania (f BIB KAB) Hemorrhoid (f BIB KAB) High Blood Pressure (1 WO3) High Cholesterol (1 WO3) High Triglycerides (1 WO3) Impotence (f PAY) Infection (f1 PAY WO2) Jaundice (f GHA) Leprosy (f BIB KAB) Migraine (f BIB) Nephrosis (f PAY) Obesity (f1 BIB KAB WO3) Odontosis (f PAY) Opacity (f BIB) Ophthalmia (f KAB) Pain (f1 GHA WO3 X15507342) Polyp (f JLH) Pulmonosis (f JLH PAY WO3) Rheumatism (f PAY WO2)...

Functional properties and toxicity

Appetizing, digestive, anthelmintic, constipating, sudorific, febrifuge, stimulant, galacta-gogue and expectorant. It is also useful in skin diseases, haemorrhoids, cephalalgia, jaundice, inflammation, fever, paralysis, ophthalmia, halitosis, anorexia, dyspepsia, flatulence, diarrhoea, dysentery, cough, amenorrhoea, dysmenorrhoea, helminthiasis especially tapeworm, strangury, intermittent fevers, agalaetia and vitiated conditions of vata and kapha in the Indian Ayurvedic system of medicines.

Vitex rotundifolia L f Verbenaceae Round Leaf Chastetree Beach Vitex

Reverse Testicular Atrophy

A tincture or for intestinal complaints. 10 In Papua New Guinea, sap from crushed heated leaves is diluted with water and drunk to relieve headaches. The fruits are used to expel worms and in Vietnam, a decoction of dried fruits has been used to treat colds, headache, watery eyes and mastitis. 10 In Thailand, fruits have been used for asthmatic cough and haemorrhoids. 10 Infusion of the boiled roots is regarded as diaphoretic and diuretic, drunk for fever, after child-birth and for liver diseases. 10

Indications Dandelion

Abscess (f CRC MAD) Acne (f VAD) Adenopathy (f JLH) Ague (f BIB) Alactea (f LMP PH2) Alcoholism (f SKY) Alzheimer's (1 FNF) Anemia (f1 AAH DEM JFM WAM) Anorexia (12 APA KOM PH2 PIP VAD) Arthrosis (f BIB) Backache (f DEM) Bacteria (1 WOI) Biliary Dyskinesia (2 PIP) Biliousness (f BIB) Bladderstones (2 KOM) Boil (f CRC LMP) Bronchosis (f12 APA BIB LAF) Bruise (f BIB CRC) Cachexia (f NAD) Cancer (f CRC) Cancer, bladder (f JLH) Cancer, bowel (f JLH) Cancer, breast (f CRC JLH) Cancer, liver (f JLH) Cancer, spleen (f JLH) Caries (f CRC LMP) Cardiopathy (f APA BIB) Catarrh (f BIB CRC) Cellulite (1 FT71 S73) Chill (f HJP) Cholecystosis (2 BGB CRC HH3 KOM PH2) Cirrhosis (SKYf ) Cold (1 APA) Colic (1 PH2) Congestion (1 PH2) Conjunctivosis (f AAH AKT) Constipation (f1 FAD SKY FT71 S73) Consumption (f BIB) Cough (f MAD) Cramp (f DEM) Cystosis (1 WAM) Dermatosis (f APA BGB KAP KOM PH2) Diabetes (f1 BIB CRC JFM KOM MAD PH2 X15704495 X14750205) Dropsy (f1 BGB BIB DEM KAP MAD) Dysentery (f AKT)...

The History Of Herbal Medicine A Capsule Summary

Figure Chinese Traditional Medicine

All of my selected medicinal herbs have been used by Native Americans and are still being used by them today. They have used E. purpurea (purple coneflower) for everything from sore throats to snake bites.2 Being one of the most popular herbs in homeopathy, it is an immune system booster which has antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties.3 Although bitter tasting (as I can attest), Echinacea root is excellent for treating headaches, fevers, bladder infections, rheumatism, hemorrhoids, and numerous other wounds and illnesses.4 V. thapsus (mullein) was used to treat coughs, congestion, and tuberculosis. In addition, Native Americans smoked the flowers to counteract pulmonary diseases.5 The flowers of A. millefolium (yarrow) were used by the Great Lakes Ojibwa Amerinds to break fevers and a root decoction was used on skin eruptions . Various other parts of this plant also are used for wounds, toothaches, diarrhea, gas, intestinal ailments, and even chapped hands.6 The Otsego...

Indications Fenugreek

Enteralgia (f APA CRC) Edema (f BOW) Enterosis (f BGB BOU PH2 WOI) Exhaustion (f MAD) Fever (f1 APA BOU CRC PH2 X15374601) Fistula (f CRC) Fracture (f HJP) Furunculosis (f BGB HHB PHR VAD), Gas (f1 APA) Gastrosis (f APA BGB BOU CAN GMH) Gonorrhea (f UPW) Gout (f BGB CAN CRC GMH) Hay Fever (f PED) Helicobacter (1 X15331344) Hemorrhoid (f MAD NAD) Hepatosis (f CRC JLH KAP) Hernia (f APA BGB CRC PH2) High Blood Pressure (f1 CAN HJP), High Cholesterol (2 APA BRU CAN SKY) High Triglycerides (1 BGB SKY) Hyperlipidemia (1 BGB) Impotence (f APA CRC PH2) Impotence (f DAA) Infection (1 APA WOI X15331344) Inflammation (f12 APA BRU KOM PH2 X15374601) Itch (f BOU) Ischemia (1 X16205934) Kidney stone (1 JEB26 249) Labor (f1 APA) Leprosy (f UPW) Leukorrhea (f KAP) Lymphadenitis (f BGB CAN) Mastosis (f JLH) Muscular Dystrophy (f UPW) Myalgia (f BGB CAN) Nematode (1 PR15 538) Nephrosis (f APA CRC JLH) Neuralgia (f APA CRC) Neurasthenia (f BOW GMH NAD) Ophthalmia (f JLH VAD) Orchosis (f JLH)...

Indications Generic

Abscesses (f CAN FAD) Adenopathy (f CRC DEM PH2) Bleeding (f CEB DEM) Blepharosis (f VAD) Boils (f1 APA CRC GMH PNC) Bronchosis (f CRC) Bruise (f FEL) Burn (f1 APA FAD GMH PH2 WAM) Cancer (f CRC FEL JLH) Carcinoma (f CRC) Cardiopathy (f GMH) Caries (f CRC) Catarrh (f CRC DEM GMH) Chilblain (f CEB) Childbirth (f CRC DEM) Cholera (f CEB) Cold (f SKY) Cold Sore (1 APA) Colitis (f1 APA CAN CRC GMH) Conjunc-tivosis (f CRC DEM) Constipation (f CRC) Corneosis (f VAD) Cough (12 APA FAD HHB WAM) Cramp (f CEB CRC) Crohn's Disease (1 SKY) Cuts (f FAD) Cystosis (f1 GMH WAM) Dermatosis (f1 APA PH2 PNC VAD WAM) Diarrhea (f1 APA CAN FAD) Diverticulosis (1 FNF) Duodenosis (f PH2) Dysentery (f CRC FAD) Dyspepsia (f1 FAD) Dysuria (f CRC) Eczema (f CRC) Enterosis (12 APA CEB GMH) Erysipelas (f FEL) Esophagitis (2 APA) Felon (f CRC JLH) Fever (f CRC DAW) Fistula (f FEL) Fracture (f CRC DEM) Gangrene (f CRC) Gastrosis (12 APA GMH PHR PH2 SKY) Gleet (f FEL) Gonorrhea (f DEM) Gout (f CRC HH2 PH2) Heartburn...

Abnormal Immune Response

Ibd Inflammatory Process

Protein enterocolitis syndrome is a cell-mediated hypersensitivity disorder that typically occurs in infants within the first 3 months of life, most commonly in reaction to ingested dairy or soy protein 15 . The disease process is often restricted to the distal colon and is the most common cause of bloody stool in infants in developed countries following enteric Salmonella infection. Involvement of the small bowel as well as colon typically manifests as watery or bloody diarrhea, vomiting, and failure to thrive if diagnosis is delayed. Food protein-induced enteropathy (excluding CD) is an uncommon condition that occurs within the first several months of life and is manifested by persistent diarrhea and malabsorption clinical presentation is the same as classical CD but usually with vomiting. Histological changes can be very similar to that found in CD, but less severe 16 . There is patchy distribution of mucosal damage, some degree of villous atrophy, crypt hyperplasia, and increased...

Terpenoids And Phenolics

Marijuana has been used for more than 4000 years for the treatment of catarrh, leprosy, fever, dandruff, hemorrhoids, obesity, asthma, urinary tract infections, loss of appetite, inflammatory conditions, and cough.15 More recently, it has been used in medicine to treat patients who have glaucoma (an eye disease) and to alleviate the adverse side effects of chemotherapy used to treat patients who

Castor Oil Plant Castor Bean

Steve Castor

Traditional Medicinal Uses Its leaf poultice is applied to boils and sores in India to treat headaches and fever in Hawaii. 91 The leaves and roots are used in a decoction for anal prolapse, arthritis, constipation, facial palsy, lymph-adenopathy, strabismus, uteral prolapse, cough, and also as a discutient and expectorant. The heated leaves are applied to gout and swellings as well. 51 The leaves and oil are used for dermatological purposes in Nigeria. 101 Its seeds are used to treat abscesses and skin eruptions, deafness, headache, skin problems, bleeding, constipation, boils, piles and to promote labour. 41 They are rubbed on the temple for headache, powdered for abscesses, boils, and carbuncles. The plant is also used for dogbite, scrofula and several skin infections. The Chinese rub the oil on the body for skin ailments. The seeds are crushed and made into a pulp and rubbed into the palms for palsy, introduced into the urethra in stricture and rubbed on the soles of feet of...

Lilium Tigrinum For Balanitis Treatment

See also Chamaelirium luteum hemlock see Conium maculatum hemlock spruce see Abies canadensis hemorrhoids 35, 70, 238-39 hemp dogbane see Apocynum cannabinum henbane see Hyoscyamus niger Hepar sulphuris calcareum (Hepar sulph.) 84, 294 boils 240-41 croup 84, 250-51 earaches 222-23 mild acne 240-41 sinusitis 226-27 tonsillitis 250-51 hepatitis 35, 47

Reaction Between Folic Acid And Oxalic Acid And Result In Food Combination

See also anaemia, haemolytic favism. haemorrhagic (hemorrhagic) disease of the newborn Excessive bleeding due to vitamin k deficiency in most countries infants are given vitamin K by injection shortly after birth to prevent this rare but serious (potentially fatal) condition. haemorrhoids (hemorrhoids) Or piles. Varicosity in the lower rectum or anus due to congestion of the veins, caused or exacerbated by a Iow-fibre diet and consequent straining to defecate. haemosiderin (hemosiderin) See iron storage. Hagberg falling number Measure of a-AMYLASE (EC activity of flour based on the change in viscosity of flour paste. haggis Traditional Scottish dish made from sheep's heart, liver and lungs cooked and chopped with suet, onions, oatmeal and seasoning, stuffed into a sheep's stomach. Said to have been originated by the Romans when campaigning in Scotland when breaking camp in an emergency, the food was wrapped in the sheep's stomach. A similar Norman-French dish was...

Indications Milk Thistle

HHB) Fibrosis (1 CGH) Food Allergies (1 WAM) Gallstones (1 HHB MAB SKY HC020444-262 NP9(2) 6) Gastrosis (f APA) Hematuria (f HC020444-262 NP9(2) 6) Hemoptysis (f BIB) Hemorrhage (f KAB MCK) Hemorrhoid (f BIB HHB MAB WOI) Hepatosis (f12 KOM PH2 SHT WAM) Hepatosis A (1 BGB) High Blood Pressure (1 MCK HC020444-262) High Cholesterol (1 MAB) High Triglycerides (1 CGH X15177299) Hydrophobia (f BIB GMH) Hypereme-sis (f1 NP9(2) 6) Hypotonia (f HH3) Infection (f HHB) Inflammation (f1 APA HC020444-262 X15617879) Intoxication (1 FAD) Insulin Resistance (1 SYN) Itch (1 MAB) Jaundice (f2 BIB HH3 MAB PH2 PNC WAM) Leukemia (f1 HC020444-262 NP9(2) 6) Leukorrhea (f BIB) Malaria (f1 BIB HHB PHR PH2 HC020444-262) Menopause (f HHB) Metastasis (1 X15224346) Metrorrhagia (f HHB) Migraine (f HH3) MS (f ACT9 251) MS (1 HC020444-262) Mushroom Poisoning (2 FAD SHT) Myalgia (1 HC020444-262) Nausea (f1 MAB Cyto-protective (1 NP9(2) 6) Nephrosis (f12 BGB NP9(2) 6) Neurosis (f ACT9 251) Obesity (1 PNC) Oligolactea...

Select the points according to a given medical diagnosis and consider them as having a pseudopharmacological activity

In the patient in Figure 10.5 the main symptom prompting consultation with the acupuncturist was tiresome hot flushes in menopause. Secondary symptoms were neck stiffness, constipation and hemorrhoids. Seven tender points were identified with PPT (Fig. 10.5A). The selection of points in the first session was directed particularly on the areas commonly related to a climacteric syndrome the antitragus and the fossa ovalis. Two points were selected on the antitragus one within the genital or gonadotropinic area of Nogier, corresponding to the Chinese forehead area (AT1 e), the second on the lower part of the antitragus within the area of dysthymia and depression, corresponding to the French hypothalamus and Chinese temple (AT2 nie). One tender point was selected on the fossa triangularis, within the area

Italian cypress cupressus sempervirens l cupressaceae

Note that the RSV says cedar, the KJV says ash. Perhaps this is not so amazing there are many supra-specific and suprageneric terms in the United States, such as scrub oaks and conifer, respectively. The latter embraces more kinds of gymnosperms than Zohary's berosh. The cypress was an important biblical timber tree, used by the Egyptians for coffins in olden times, and in Greece more recently. The doors of St. Peter's in Rome and the gates of Constantinople, made of cypress, both survived more than 1000 years. Its timbers were used for house building, ship building (even the ark), and musical instruments. David and all the house of Israel played on musical instruments made of cypress (BIB). Oil of cypress is a valuable perfume ingredient, providing ambergris- and ladanum-like odors. The trees are often planted as ornamentals in cemeteries, gardens, and parks. The Island of Cyprus, where the tree was once worshipped, derives its name from the cypress. Regarded as antiseptic,...

External Treatment Of Minor Inflammatory Conditions And Wounds

Myrrh is incorporated into salves and topical preparations for the treatment of bed sores, minor wounds and haemorrhoids. Although no clinical trials are available, the antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, astringent and local anaesthetic activities of myrrh provide a theoretical basis for efficacy.

Health Effects of Carbohydrates

High intakes of NSP, in the range of 4-32 gday-1, have been shown to contribute to the prevention and treatment of constipation. Population studies have linked the prevalence of hemorrhoids, diverticular disease, and appendicitis to NSP intakes, although there are several dietary and lifestyle confounding factors that could directly affect these relationships. High-carbohydrate diets may be related to bacterial growth in the gut and subsequent reduction of acute infective gastrointestinal disease risk.

Indications Hollyhock

Abscess (f BIB GHA JFM) Aphonia (f JFM) Aposteme (f JLH) Bite (f DAA) Bleeding (f DAA) Boil (f WO3) Bronchosis (f JFM) Bruise (f BIB) Burn (f DEP) Cancer (f BIB JFM) Childbirth (f LMP) Cold (f BIB) Colosis (1 BRU) Constipation (f DAA) Cough (f1 BIB BRU DEP GHA JFM PH2) Cramp (f1 BIB BRU) Cystosis (f DEP) Dermatosis (f1 BRU JFM PH2 WO3) Diabetes (1 WO3) Dysentery (f BIB DEP KAB) Dysmenorrhea (f DAA LMP) Earache (f EGG) Edema (f1 X2504193) Enterosis (f DEP PH2) Fever (f BIB PH2) Gastrosis (f EGG PH2) Goiter (f WO3) Gravel (f BIB) Hematemesis (f EGG) Hematuria (f DAA) Hemorrhoid

Historical And Presentday Cultivation And Usage

Several by-products, such as the leaves, the hazelnut green leafy cover, the hazelnut hard shell, and hazelnut skin, are obtained through the harvesting, shelling hulling, cracking, and roasting processes, respectively. These by-products have a lower commercial value than hazelnut kernels. However, among these by-products, the hazelnut's hard shell is currently used for burning as a heat source, for mulching, and as a raw material for the production for furfural in the dye industry. Moreover, the hazelnut green leafy covers and tree leaves are sometimes used as organic fertilizers for hazelnut trees and other crops upon composting. Hazel leaves are also widely used in folk medicine, in the preparation of infusions for the treatment of hemorrhoids, varicose veins, phlebitis, and edema of the lower limbs, as consequence of its astringency, vasoprotective, and anti-edema properties (Valnet, 1992).

Indications Alexandrian Senna

Acne (f WO2) Ameba (f WO2) Anemia (f PH2) Anorexia (f KAB) Biliousness (f WO2) Bronchosis (f WO2) Burn (f WO2) Cancer (f JLH) Cholera (f WO2) Constipation (f12 KOM PH2 PIP WHO) Cramp (F PED) Dermatosis (f WHO) Dysentery (f1 WHO) Dyspepsia (f WHO) Enterosis (f KAB PH2) Fever (f PH2 WHO) Fungus (1 FNF) Gas (f CR2 WHO) Gastrosis (f WO2) Gonorrhea (f WHO) Gout (f WO2) Halitosis (f WO2) Hemorrhoid (f BGB HJP PIP WHO) Hepatosis (f PH2) Herpes (1 WO3) Hiccup (f WO2) Infection (f1 FNF WO2) Jaundice (f PH2) Leprosy (f WO2) Leukemia (1 CAN) Mycosis (1 JAD) Nausea (f WO2) Nerves (f HJP) Pimple (f WO2) Ringworm (f1 JAD) Splenosis (f PH2) Syphilis (f DEP) Typhoid (f PH2 WO2) Venereal Disease (f DEP WHO) Virus (1 WO3) Worm (f WO2) Wound (f WHO).

Indications Indian Gum Arabic Tree

(f KAB WO3) Burn (f SKJ WO3) Cancer (f BIB JLH) Cancer, ear (f JLH) Cancer, eye (f JLH) Cancer, liver (f JLH) Cancer, spleen (f JLH) Cancer, testes (f JLH) Cataract (f GHA) Catarrh (f GHA HH2) Childbirth (f DEP) Chill (f ZUL) Cholecystosis (f BIB EB22 173) Cholera (f SKJ WO3) Cold (f GHA) Colic (f KAB) Condyloma (f BIB) Congestion (f BIB) Conjunctivosis (f DEP NAD) Cough (f DEP KAB NAD) Cramp (f BOU) Cystosis (f DEP) Dermatosis (f BOU WO3) Diabetes (f1 BOU DEP GHA SUW WO3 ZUL) Diarrhea (f GHA GMH PH2 SUW) Dysentery (f BIB DEP SUW) Dyslactea (1 X15283686) Dyspepsia (f ZUL) Dysuria (f KAB) Edema (1 X8982438) Enterosis (f1 DEP X15476301) Fever (f BIB BOU UPW) Flu (1 FNF) Fracture (f KAB) Fungus (1 WO3) Gastrosis (f DEP) Gingivosis (f BOU DEP PH2) Gonorrhea (f1 DEP KAB ZUL) Hemorrhoid (f BIB KAB PH2) Hepatosis (f1 BIB WO3 PR14 510 X11054840) High Blood Pressure (f1 BOU ZUL) HIV (1 X10189947) Hypersalivation (f DEP) Impotence (f NAD UPW) Induration (f BIB JLH) Infection (1 WO3 ZUL...

Indications Syrian Christthorn

Dermatosis (f BIB UPW) Diarrhea (f1 UPW X12826300) Dyslactea (f FNF) Fever (f BIB BOU CRC HJP) Fungus (f UPW) Furuncle (f BIB BOU) Gastrosis (f FNF) Gingivosis (f GHA) Headache (f GHA) Heartburn (f FNF) Hemorrhoid (f FNF) Hepatosis (f CRC HJP) High Blood Pressure (f CRC) Infection (f1 UPW X11167035) Inflammation (f BOU) Measles (f BIB BOU) Myalgia (f FNF) Mycosis (f UPW) Nervousness (f FNF) Obesity (f UPW) Ophthalmia (f BIB BOU CRC) Pain (f1 GHA X11395256) Proctosis (f FNF) Pulmonosis (f GHA) Respirosis (f GHA) Rheumatism (f CRC) Ringworm (f UPW) Snakebite (f BIB BOU UPW) Sore (f BIB UPW) Sterility (f UPW) Toothache (f CRC) Tuberculosis (f CRC) Tumor (1 CRC) Venereal Disease (f CRC HJP) Worm (f BOU) Wound (f FNF).

Indications Other Viburnums

Abortion (f FEL HH3) Ague (f DEM) Alcoholism (f FEL) Ameba (f WOI) Amenorrhea (f FEL) Arthrosis (f TOM) Asthma (f1 APA EFS FAD HOC VAD) Bleeding (f FEL) Blepharosis (f VAD) Cancer (f JLH) Cardiopathy (f FEL) Childbirth (f DAW) Chorea (f FEL) Colic (f FEL) Congestion (f FEL) Conjunctivosis (f VAD) Convulsions (f DEM) Corneal Abrasians (f VAD) Cramp (f1 APA DEM EFS FAD FEL) Dermatosis (f1 APA FEL LAF PNC VAD) Dropsy (f DAW) Dysentery (f FEL) Dysmenorrhea (f1 APA FAD HH3 LAF PH2 TOM VAD) Eczema (f1 VAD) Fever (f1 APA) Enterosis (f1 APA) Epilepsy (f FEL) Erythema (f VAD) Female Ails (f DEM) Fever (f DAW) Glossosis (f DEM) Headache (f1 APA) Hemorrhoid (f1 VAD) Hiccup (f FEL) High Blood Pressure (f1 VAD) Hot Flash (f TOM) Hysteria (f EFS FEL TOM) Infection (f DAW) Inflammation (f FEL VAD) Insomnia (f1 APA EFS FAD) Intermittent Claudication (f FEL JAD) Itch (f VAD) Jaundice (f FEL) Lethargy (f LAF) Malaria (f DAW) Menorrhagia (f FEL) Miscarriage (f APA FAD LAF) Ophthalmia (f BUR FEL) Pain...

Kegel exercises Why do them

The muscles in your pelvic floor help support your uterus, bladder and bowel. Toning them by doing Kegel exercises will help ease your discomfort during the last months of your pregnancy and may help minimize two common problems that can begin during pregnancy and continue afterward leakage of urine and hemorrhoids. In fact, a recent study found that strengthening your pelvic floor muscles during pregnancy appears to reduce your risk of developing urinary incontinence, both during and after pregnancy.

Supplemental Material For Chapter

Butcher's broom has a long history of use in treating hemorrhoids and varicose veins in humans. It is reported to be effective after oral administration.6-12 Both in vitro and in vivo, it caused vasoconstriction and inhibited increased vascular permeability induced by a variety of agents. Horse chestnut has been used orally in humans to treat hemorrhoids and edema. It improves venous tone, scavenges free radicals, and may inhibit the enzymatic breakdown of the basement membrane. In vitro, it also decreased capillary permeability that was increased by a variety of agents. Given orally or intravenously, it inhibited experimentally induced brain and paw edema, and lowered capillary permeability in rodents. It has effectively treated venous insufficiency in humans.6,18-27

Digestive disorders

Symptoms Indigestion, sour burps, and vomiting of food that seems not to have been digested. Typically there is poor appetite and an intense thirst. There may be diarrhea that has a tendency to recur during the summer, or that may be linked to irritable bowel syndrome. Another possible symptom for which Ferrum phos. may be given is constipation, particularly if accompanied by hemorrhoids. Blood in the stools may indicate the initial stages of dysentery

Colon Cancer 741 Epidemiology

Phantom pain has been regularly reported. In one group of 40 survivors, 26 (65 ) experienced phantom rectal sensations, with onset in the postoperative period, to starting 8 years later. In six patients, the sensations had spontaneously stopped.137 In a series of 22 survivors who had undergone abdominoperineal resection, 68 experienced a phantom rectum, and a smaller subset of 18 reported phantom pain with sensations of phantom pain like hemorrhoids, pricking and shooting, or like hard feces that would rupture the rectum. This started within 1-2 months after surgery, and the severity decreased over time.138

Downsides White Willow

Salicylates tannins (AHP, 1997). Commission E reports for oral use of bark, contraindications, adverse effects, and interactions on theoretical grounds similar to those of the salicylates (AEH). (All plants contain salicylates.) In view of the lack of toxicological data, excessive use, especially during lactation and pregnancy, should be avoided. Individuals with aspirin hypersen-sitivity, asthma, diabetes, gastrosis, gout, hemophilia, hepatosis, hypothrombinaemia, nephrosis, and peptic ulcers should be cautious with salicylates. Alcohol, barbiturates, and oral sedatives may potentiate salicylate toxicity. Beware of salicylate interaction with oral anticoagulants, methotrex-ate, metoclopramide, phenytoin, pronebecid, spironolactone, and valproate. Salicylates excreted in breast milk reportedly can cause macular rashes in breast-fed babies. Salicylate toxicity may cause dermatosis, gastrosis, hematochezia, nausea, nephrosis, tinnitus, and vomiting (CAN). Excessive use of the...

Defining Chronic Enteropathy

For the present discussion, chronic enteropathy is defined as chronic functional derangement of the small bowel. The primary consequence of chronic enteropathy is persistent diarrhea which is loose or watery stools at least 3 times per day of more than 14 days' duration, with change in stool consistency more meaningful than stool frequency. Depending on the specific pathophysiology, other symptoms may dominate the clinical picture for example, Crohn's disease may present with bloody stool or the child with celiac disease (CD) who, able to partially compensate for reduced absorptive capacity by increasing dietary intake, may present with stunting.

Answers To Patients Frequently Asked Questions

Bilberry is used to relieve the symptoms of mild diarrhoea and improve poor night vision, sensitivity to glare, photophobia, peptic ulcers, varicose veins, venous insufficiency and haemorrhoids when taken internally. It is also used as a mouthwash, gargle or paint for mild inflammation of the mouth or throat, such as gingivitis or pharyngitis.

Indications Frankincense

Abscess (f HAD) Alzheimer's (1 COX FNF) Anxiety (f BOW) Arthrosis (1 COX FNF) Asthma (f1 HHB X12244881) Backache (f HAD) Bilharzia (f BIB) Bleeding (f BIB HAD) Boil (f DEP) Bronchosis (f1 BIB DEP X12244881) Bruise (f HAD) Callus (f BIB) Cancer (1 COX FNF JLH) Cancer, anus (1 BIB COX) Cancer, breast (1 BIB COX) Cancer, eye (1 BIB COX) Cancer, penis (1 BIB COX) Cancer, spleen (1 BIB COX) Cancer, teat (1 BIB COX) Cancer, testicle (1 BIB COX) Carbuncle (f DEP JLH) Cerebrosis (1 X12244881) Chest ache (f BIB) Colitis (1 FNF X12244881) Congestant (f HAD) Corn (f JLH) Cough (f HAD) Crohn's Diseases (1 X12244881) Dermatosis (f GMH) Dysentery (f BIB) Dysmenorrhea (f BOW) Dyspepsia (f HAD) Edema (1 FNF) Fever (f BIB) Gingivosis (f BOW) Gonorrhea (f BIB) Hemorrhoid (f HAD) Hepatosis (1 PR14 510) Infection (f BOW) Laryngitis (f BIB DEP) Leprosy (f BIB) Leukemia (1 FNF) Mastosis (f GHA JLH) Meningioma (1 FNF) Myelosis (f HAD) Neurosis (f BIB GHA HAD) Ophthalmia (f GHA JLH) Orchosis (f JLH) Pain (f...

Travelers diarrhea 271

Symptoms Diarrhea, nausea, bloating, and malaise that usually lasts from between three to seven days. Even untreated traveler's diarrhea will go away by itself in most cases. Diarrhea that lasts more than four days or is accompanied by severe cramps, bloody stools, or dehydration should be reported to a physician, however. (loperamide). Both treat the symptoms instead of killing the bacteria. Pepto-Bismol should not be used by pregnant women, people subject to seizures, or those taking aspirin or other blood thinners, according to the FDA. Immodium can decrease the number of stools, but it can bring complications for those with serious infections. It should not be used by anyone with a high fever or bloody stools.

Division of Bacterial and Mycotic Diseases A

It was written that Horus, the son of the Egyptian gods Osiris and Isis, had dysentery. Known widely as campaign fever, dysentery has hobbled warriors from the Peloponnesian War through Napoleon's time on to the great struggles of this century, claiming more victims than have died on all the battlefields of all the wars. Dysentery has plagued a variety of great historical figures, including William the Conqueror, Edward I, and Henry V of England (the latter two both died of the disease). George Washington also suffered from dysentery that was exacerbated by hemorrhoids so painful that he sometimes had to ride on pillows over his saddle.

Your body during weeks 29 to

If you're really unlucky, you may also have hemorrhoids. These are varicose veins in your rectum. They're caused by increased blood volume and increased pressure from your growing uterus on your pelvic veins, which return blood to your heart from your legs and organs of the pelvis. Constipation increases the risk. Some women develop hemorrhoids for the first time during pregnancy. For others, who've had them before, pregnancy makes them larger and more troublesome. Your uterus is continuing to expand, causing many of the unpleasant side effects noted above. You may have varicose veins, hemorrhoids, shortness of breath, heartburn and constipation, maybe all in the same week.

Indications Giant Milkweed

Abscess (f HDN) Amenorrhea (f HDN) Anasarca (f DEP KAB PH2) Ancylostomiasis (f HDN) Anorexia (f DEP) Aphtha (f DEP) Apoplexy (f BOU) Arthrosis (f1 DEP HDN HJP) Ascites (f DEP PH2) Asthma (f BOU DEP KAB SUW) Bacillus (1 HDN) Bacteria (1 HDN) Bite (f KAB) Bleeding (f X15922393) Bronchosis (f DEP KAP) Cachexia (f DEP) Cancer (f1 JLH PH2 X15689169) Cancer, abdomen (f1 JLH X15689169) Cancer, liver (f1 JLH PH2 X15689169 X16688796) Cancer, ovary (f1 JLH X15689169) Cancer, skin (1 PH2 X15689169) Cardiopathy (1 FNF HDN) Caries (f HDN) Catarrh (f DEP KAB) Chancre (f HDN) Cold (f SUW) Colic (f HDN) Constipation (f DEP) Convulsion (f1 SEP PH2 X15752643) Cough (f GHA KAB PH2 SUW) Cramp (f1 DEP KAP X15752643) Dermatosis (f DEP JFM SUW) Diabetes (1 X16054794) Diarrhea (f SUW) Dropsy (f DEP HJP KAB) Dysentery (f BOU DEP HJP KAP PH2 SUW) Dysmenorrhea (f HDN) Dyspepsia (f PH2 SUW) Dyspnea (f GHA) Dystocia (f HDN) Earache (f HJP) Edema (f1 HDN X16192673) Elephantiasis (f BOU DEP SUW) Enterosis (f KAB...

Indications Citron

Anorexia (f NAD) Asthma (f1 DAD X15598576) Biliousness (f NAD) Bronchosis (f BIB) Calculus (f KAB) Cancer (f1 DAD JLH) Caries (f KAB) Colic (f DAD) Constipation (f EGG) Cough (f DAD) Cramp (f EGG) Diarrhea (f DAD) Dysentery (f NPM WOI) Dyspepsia (f EGG NAD) Dysuria (f KAB) Earache (f KAB) Enterosis (f DAD) Fever (f NAD) Gastrosis (f DAD) Halitosis (f KAB) Hemorrhoid (f KAB) Hiccough (f KAB) High Blood Pressure (1 WO2) Impotence (f KAB) Infection (f HJP) Inflammation (f1 NAD X15598576) Intoxication (f KAB) Jaundice (f DAD) Leprosy (f KAB) Lumbago (f BIB) Nausea (f NAD) Odontosis (f KAB) Ophthalmia (f HJP) Otosis (f KAB) Palpitation (f WO2) Pharyngosis (f KAB) Rheumatism (f UPW) Sclerosis (f DAD) Seasickness (f BIB) Snakebite (f NAD) Sore Throat (f EGG KAB) Splenosis (f DAD) Sting (f NAD) Stomatosis (f EGG UPW) Stomachache (f DAD HOC) Stomatosis (f EGG UPW) Syphilis (f DAD) Thirst (f NAD) Tumor (f DAD) Venereal Disease (f DAD) Worm (f EGG).

Horse Chestnut

Butcher's broom (Ruscus aculea-tus) is an evergreen bush native to the Mediterranean region. It has been used extensively in herbal medicine to treat varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and edema, although it has not received as much research in this area as horse chestnut. The active ingredients include a group of saponins known as ruscogenins, which have vasoconstrictive and anti-inflammatory effects in vivo (see Tables 8.1 and F.1).

Indications Saffron

Dermatosis (f CRC KAB) Diabetes (f CRC) Diarrhea (f NAD) Dysmenorrhea (f DAA HHB MAD PNC) Dyspepsia (f1 VAD) Edema (f1 APA) Enterosis (f JLh) Epistaxis (f MAD) Fear (f CRC DAA) Fever (f CRC NAD PH2) Fibroid (f JLH) Fibrosarcoma (1 HH3) Fractures (f KAB) Gas (f1 MAD VAD) Gastrosis (f JLH) Gingivosis (f1 VAD) Gout (f MAD) Hangover (f LIL) Headache (f KAB PH2) Hemicrania (f KAB) Hemoptysis (f DAA MAD) Hemorrhoid (f NAD) Hepatosis (f1 CRC DEP JLH SKJ X12776492) High Blood Pressure (1 APA X12648816) High Cholesterol (1 APA) Hysteria (f BOU CRC DAA MAD) Induration (f JLH) Infection (f1 HJP) Inflammation (f1 JLH X11914135) Lachrymosis (f JLH) Laryngosis (f JLH) Leukemia (f1 JLH X12776492) Lochiostasis (f PH2) Lymphoma (1 APA JLH HH3) Measles (f CRC DAA MAD) Melancholy (f12 CRC DEP HHB KAB X15852492) Menorrhagia (f HHB HOS PH2) Menox-enia (f CRC) Nausea (f KAB) Nephrosis (f JLH KAB) Neuralgia (f NAD) Neurosis (1 CRC FNF) Obesity (f1 VAD PR14 149) Ophthalmia (f JLH HOS) Orchosis (f JLH)...


Familiar for its nuts, called conkers, horse chestnut is a beautiful introduced ornamental tree. It also has significant medicinal uses, particularly for supporting weakened veins, as in varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and capillary fragility. It is used for two Bach Flower Essences and in commerical quantities for allopathic and homeopathic remedies for irregularities of the veins. It also has some surprising other uses. Aescin, found in conkers reduces leak- age and is used in the treatment of oedema (lower leg swelling) and has proved to be as effective as com- pression stockings. It strengthens and tones the blood vessels and is becoming very important in the treat- ment of varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) Haemorrhoids respond well too Use horse chestnut for Horse chestnut is a leading herbal treatment for weakened veins, including varicose veins, hemorrhoids, acne rosacea, and chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). It has an unusual capacity to strengthen small...

Indications Nettle

Boil (f NPM) BPH (root) (12 BGB KOM MAB PH2 NP9(2) 10) Bronchosis (f1 CRC MAB PED) Bug bites (1 MAB) Burns (f1 BGB CRC MAB) Cachexia (f KAB) Calculus (f CRC) Cancer (f CRC FAD) Cancer, breast (f1 CRC JLH) Cancer, ear (f1 CRC JLH) Cancer, feet (f1 JLH) Cancer, lung (f1 CRC JLH) Cancer, mouth (f1 CRC JLH) Cancer, prostate (f1 NP9(2) 10 X15254411) Cancer, rib (f JLH) Cancer, spleen (f1 CRC JLH) Cancer, stomach (f1 CRC JLH) Cancer, womb (f1 CRC JLH) Cardiopathy (f AAH) Carcinoma (f BIB) Caries (f NPM) Catarrh (f WOI) Childbirth (f DEM) Cholangitis (f CRC) Cholecystosis (f CRC FAD MAB WOI) Cholera (f FEL) Cold (f AAH CEB NPM) Colic (f CRC) Colitis (f FEL MAB) Congestion (f APA) Constipation (f CRC WOI) Consumption (f1 BUR MAB SUW) Corn (f AAH) Cough (f AAH NPM) Cramp (f AAH MAD) CVI (1 BGB) Cystosis (f FEL) Dandruff (f PH2 WOI) Dermatosis (f1 BGB CAN MAB FT74 677) Diabetes (f1 CRC MAD PH2 FT74 677 EB49 406) Diarrhea (f1 BGB BUR FAD FEL MAB) Dislocation (f NPM) Dropsy (f AAH BGB CRC)...

Indications Garlic

LIB TGP) Bacillus (1 LAW X10548758) Bacteria (1 JFM PH2) Bite (f FAY JFM) Boil (f1 DAA) Bronchiestasis (1 KAL) Bronchosis (f12 FAD PHR PH2 BOD WHO) Burn (f12 KAL) Callus (f JFM PH2) Cancer (f12 AKT FAD PH2) Cancer, abdomen (f1 AKT FNF JLH) Cancer, bladder (f1 FNF JLH X11341051 X11238811) Cancer, breast (f1 BRU JN131 989s) Cancer, colon (f1 AKT (f1 FNF JLH)) Cancer, esophagus (f1 JN131 1075s) Cancer, gland (1 X11238818) Cancer, liver (f1 BO2 PR14 564) Cancer, lung (f1 BRU FNF JLH JN131 989s) Cancer, prostate (f1 X11102955) Cancer, skin (f1 FNF JLH) Cancer, stomach (f1 AKT VOD X11238811) Cancer, uterus (f1 FNF JLH) Candidiasis (f12 CAN KAL TRA VOD) Carbuncle (f FAY) Cardiopathy (f123 BGB EGG FAD SKY VOD) Caries (f1 FNF KAB) Catarrh (f1 AKT BGB) Celiac (1 KAL) Chilblain (f EGG) Childbirth (f JFM KAB) Cholecocystosis (f APA) Cholera (f1 PNC TRA) Chronic Fatigue (f JFM) Circulosis (f DLZ) Coccidiosis (1 KAL) Cold (f12 AKT FAD GHA PHR PNC) Colic (f1 GHA WHO) Colosis (1 KAL LAW) Congestion...


Juvenile Polyp And Inflammatory Polyp

Changes indicate a risk of carcinoma. The presence of these findings in an index case also confers increased risk of carcinoma in first-degree relatives. The age of the subject, family history and inheritance patterns, number and location of polyps, and histology guide the frequency of surveillance colono-scopy. Symptoms of rectal bleeding usually bring these children to the attention of a physician. Polyps can cause clinically significant, but often painless, bleeding so as to cause anemia, and they can be linked to abdominal pain, rectal prolapse, or lead points associated with intussusceptions. Hemorrhagic colitis Crampy abdominal pain Watery diarrhea progressing to bloody stools Absence of fever HUS Heavy infestations associated with (bloody) diarrhea Rectal prolapse

Indications Grape

Alopecia (1 PH2) Alzheimer's (1 COX FNF) Anaphylaxis (1 FNF) Anemia (f NAD PH2) Anorexia (f NAD) Arteriosclerosis (1 VAD) Arthrosis (1 BIB COX FNF) Asthma (1 BIB) Atherosclerosis FNF PH2) Biliousness (f BIB NAD) Bladder stone (f BIB NAD) Bleeding (f BIB FEL HHB) Blepharosis (f1 VAD) Boil (f SKJ) Bronchosis (f GHA) Bruise (f NAD) Cachexia (f BIB NAD) Cancer (f1 FNF JLH PH2) Cancer, abdomen (f1 DAD FNF) Cancer, breast (1 JAF51 7280) Cancer, colon (1 DAD FNF X12935318) Cancer, ear (f1 FNF JLH) Cancer, liver (f1 FNF JLH) Cancer, neck (f1 FNF JLH) Cancer, nose (f1 FNF JLH) Cancer, testicle (f1 FNF JLH) Cancer, throat (f1 FNF JLH) Cancer, tonsil (f1 FNF JLH) Cancer, uterus (f1 FNF JLH) Cancer, uvula (f1 FNF JLH) Candida (f NAD) Capillary Fragility (f1 BRU FNF PH2 VAD) Cardiopathy (f1 BIB FNF VAD) Caries (1 FNF MB) Catarrh (f NAD) Cholera (f BIB DAA) Circulosis (f PH2) Cold (f NAD) Condyloma (f JLH) Conjunctivosis (f1 BRU FNF VAD) Constipation (1 X12935318) Consumption (f DAA PH2) Corn (f...

Indications Onion

WHO) Anthrax (1 LIB) Aphonia (f DLZ) Apoplexy (f DEP) Atherosclerosis (2 APA KOM PH2 SHT) Asthma (f1 APA BRU JFM PHR PH2) Atherosclerosis (1 JFM WO2) Bacillus (1 X4064797) Bacteria (1 JFM PH2) Bite (f DEP) Biliousness (f KAB) Bite (f BOU NAD) Bleeding (f KAB) Blister (f1 EGG SKJ) Boil (f1 NAD SKJ) Bronchosis (2 BGB PHR PH2 WHO) Bruise (f EGG PHR WHO) Bugbite (f PHR) Burn (f JLH PHR) Cancer (1 APA JLH) Cancer, breast (f1 FNF JLH JNU) Cancer, colon (f1 JNU) Cancer, esophagus (f1 JNU) Cancer, gland (f1 FNF JLH) Cancer, liver (f1 FNF JLH) Cancer, lung (f1 JNU) Cancer, rectum (f1 FNF JLH) Cancer, stomach (f1 APA BRU FNF JLH JAC7 405) Cancer, uterus (f1 FNF JLH) Candida (f1 X10594976) Carbuncle (f KAB LIB) Cardiopathy (f1 APA JFM JNU) Caries (1 X9354029) Cataract (f BOU) Catarrh (f KAB) Chest Cold (f JFM) Chilblain (f KAP X15664457) Cholecocystosis (f JFM PHR) Cholera (f DEP WHO) Circu-losis (f EGG) Cold (f12 DEM GHA PHR PH2) Colic (f EGG PHR PH2 WHO) Colosis (f KAP) Congestion (f1 APA BGB...

Indications Cinnamon

WO2) Biliousness (f KAB) Bleeding (f KAB) Bloating (f1 BGB) Bronchosis (f12 CRC KAB PHR) Cancer (f1 COX CRC HOS) Cancer, abdomen (f1 COX HOS JLH) Cancer, bladder (f1 COX HOS JLH) Cancer, breast (f1 COX HOS JLH) Cancer, colon (f1 COX HOS JLH) Cancer, diaphragm (f1 COX HOS JLH) Cancer, ear (f1 COX HOS JLH) Cancer, gum (f1 COX HOS JLH) Cancer, kidney (f1 COX HOS JLH) Cancer, liver (f1 COX HOS JLH) Cancer, mouth (f1 COX HOS JLH) Cancer, neck (f1 COX HOS JLH) Cancer, rectum (f1 COX HOS JLH) Cancer, sinus (f1 COX HOS JLH) Cancer, spleen (f1 COX HOS JLH) Cancer, stomach (f1 COX HOS JLH) Cancer, vagina (f1 COX HOS JLH) Cancer, uterus (f1 COX HOS JLH) Candida (f1 CRC LIB JAR12 83) Cardiopathy (f1 EGG KAB LIB X14633804) Cerebrosis (f KAB) Childbirth (f LIB) Chill (f PHR PH2) Cholera (f1 CRC SKJ WO2) Cold (f12 CAN GAZ PHR ZUL) Colic (f1 APA CAN EGG TRA) Condylomata (f JLH) Conjunctivosis (f WHO) Convulsion (f LIB) Cough (2 CRC PHR) Cramp (f1 APA DEP VOD ZUL) Dandruff (1 JAR12 83) Debility (f...

Use yarrow for

It is certainly as effective at breaking up congealed blood as it is at stopping hemorrhages, making it a valuable first-aid remedy for thrombosis, for blood blisters and bruises with bleeding beneath the skin, as well as hemorrhoids. If treating for hemorrhoids, take yarrow tea or tincture internally, and place a yarrow poultice or compress over the affected area.

Indications Aloe

WO3) Epilepsy (f KAP) Erysipelas (f CRC EGG) Erythema (f12 X15857459) Escherichia (1 NP9(2) 8) Fever (f DEP GHA VOD NP9(2) 8) Flu (1 NP9(2) 8) Fracture (1 RCP7(1)) Frostbite (f12 APA PH2 WHO NP9(2) 8) Fungus (1 AAB APA MPI PH2) Gastrosis (f CRC VOD WO3) Gingivosis (f WO3) Glaucoma (f WHO) Glioma (1 X15747063) Glossosis (f JLH) Gonorrhea (f JFM) Headache (f GHA VOD) Hemorrhoid (f APA CRC WHO) Hepatosis (f1 BEJ CRC DEP RCP6(1)) Herpes (12 AAB PH2 NP9(2) 8 RCP7(1)) High Cholesterol (1 WO3 X14598919) High Triglycerides (1 JAC7 405) HIV (1 WO3) Hysteria (f CRC VOD) IBD (12 X15043514) Immune Deficiency (1 CAN PNC) Impotence (f NP9(2) 8) Indigestion (1 WAM) Infection (f1 APA BEJ PH2 NP9(2) 8) Infertility (1 CRC MPI) Inflammation (f1 CAN CRC GHA PH2 VOD WHO NP9(2) 8 X15182910) Intoxication (1 X8937458) Ischemia (1 PH2) Itch (f DAA) Jaundice (f CRC KAB) Klebsiella (1 NP9(2) 8) Leprosy (f KAB) Leukemia (f CRC JLH) Leukorrhea (f JFM) Lumbago (f KAB) Measles (1 NP9(2) 8) Mouth Sores (f1 CAN EGG)...

Indications Cattail

Amenorrhea (f DAW) Anodyne (f DAW) Anorexia (f UPW) Bite (f EB29 7) Bleeding (1 BIB EB29 20) Boil (f DEM) Bruise (f DAW) Burn (f BUR DEM GHA EB29 20) Cancer (f DEM) Carbuncle (f DEM) Chafing (f DEM) Childbirth (f DAW ZUL) Circulosis (f ZUL) Cramp (f DEM) Cyanogenic (f1 EB30 400) Cyst (f DEM) Cystosis (f ZUL) Dermatosis (f DEM) Diarrhea (f DEM ZUL EB29 20) Dropsy (f EB29 20) Dysentery (f KAB WOI EB29 20) Dysuria (f EB29 20) Ecchymosis (f DAW) Enterosis (f BUR DAW DEM) Epilepsy (f AAH BIB EB29 7 EB24 265) Epistaxis (f DAW) Erysipelas (f FEL EB29 7) Fever (f EB29 7) Gastrosis (f BUR DEM) Gonorrhea (f DEM FEL WOI EB29 20) Gravel (f DEM) Hematemesis (f DAW) Hematochezia (f DAW EB29 20) Hematuria (f DAW) Hemoptysis (f DAW) Hemorrhoid (f DAW) Impotence (f DAW EB29 20) Infection (f DEM) Infertility (f ZUL) Inflammation (f DEM EB29 20) Insanity (f EB29 7) Kidney stone (f DEM) Leprosy (f DEM) Leucorrhea (f DAW) Madness (f BIB EB24 265) Mastosis (f DAW DEM) Measles (f KAB WOI EB29 20)...

Helminth Parasites

Heavy infections are characterized by persistent dysentery, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and tenesmus leading to rectal prolapse. Appetite is reduced and raised plasma cytokines and acute-phase proteins indicate activation of host immune and inflammatory mechanisms. Loss of nutrients including zinc and other trace elements in the persistent dysentery and vomiting may further lower nutritional status.

Pathological Losses

Conditions that cause excessive bleeding additionally compromise iron status. Approximately 1 mg of iron is lost in each 1 ml of packed red blood cells. Excessive losses of blood may occur from the gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract, and lung in a variety of clinical pathologies, including ulcers, malignancies, inflammatory bowel disease, hemorrhoids, hemoglobinuria, and idiopathic pulmonary hemosi-derosis. In developing countries, parasitic infestation with hookworm and schistosomiasis can contribute substantially to gastrointestinal blood loss and iron deficiency.

Ayurvedic Medicine

The foremost characteristic of the vata metabolic type is changeability. People of this type are active, energetic, moody, imaginative, and impulsive prone to erratic sleep patterns, intestinal problems, nervous disorders, and premenstrual syndrome. There is a sensitivity to cold and dry and their vulnerable season is autumn. Pitta types are predictable, aggressive, intense, efficient, articulate, moderate in daily habits, short-tempered, and impatient. They tend to perspire more and may be open to poor digestion, ulcers, skin inflammations, hemorrhoids, and heartburn. In summer they are sensitive to the sun and heat. Kapha is relaxed, stable, conservative, with a tendency to laziness and procrastination. They sleep long and move, eat, and digest food slowly. There is an inclination toward overweight, allergies, sinus, and lung congestion and they are highly susceptible to the cold of winter.

Indications Wheat

(f BIB) Callus (f JLH) Cancer (f1 BIB JLH) Cancer, abdomen (f1 JLH) Cancer, breast (f1 JLH) Cancer, colon (f1 JLH) Cancer, foot (f1 JLH) Cancer, joint (f1 JLH) Cancer, parotid (f1 JLH) Cancer, sinax (f1 JLH) Cancer, skin (f1 JLH) Cancer, spleen (f1 JLH) Cancer, testicle (f1 JLH) Cancer, tonsil (f1 JLH) Cancer, uterus (f1 JLH) Cardiopathy (f BIB) Childbirth (f ROE) Colitis (2 BGB SHT) Condyloma (f PH2) Constipation (f12 BGB BIB PH2 SHT) Corn (f JLH) Cramp (f ROE) Dermatosis (f1 PH2 ROE VAD) Diabetes (f VAD) Diarrhea (f BIB ROE) Diverticulitis (12 BIB SHT VAD) Dysentery (f BIB) Ecchymosis (f BIB) Enuresis (f ROE) Epistaxis (f BIB) Fever (f BIB ROE) Flu (f ROE) Flux (f BIB) Fracture (f BIB ROE) Gonorrhea (f ROE) Gravel (f BIB) Hematuria (f BIB) Hemoptysis (f BIB) Hemorrhage (f BIB) Hemorrhoid (f ROE) IBS (12 BGB VAD) Impotence (f KAB) Incontinence (f BIB) Induration (f JLH) Inflammation (f1 PH2 VAD) Itch (f PH2) Leprosy (f BIB) Leukorrhea (f BIB) Mastosis (f JLH) Metrorrhagia (f BIB)...


Historical note Bilberries have been used as a food for many centuries and are valued for their taste and high nutritional content. They are still commonly used to make jams, pies, syrups and beverages. Medicinally, the berries have been used internally to treat diarrhoea and haemorrhoids and externally for inflammation of the mouth and mucous membranes as they have significant astringent activity. According to folklore, World War II British Royal Air Force pilots noticed that their night vision seemed to improve after consuming bilberries or bilberry preserves, sparking a renewed interest in the medicinal properties of the fruits.

Indications Peelu

Ankylostomiasis (f UPW) Anorexia (f BOU KAB) Asthma (f WOI) Bacteria (1 X11887585 X14973564) Biliousness (f KAB) Bite (f BOU) Blennorrhea (f UPW) Blister (f GHA) Boil (f BOU UPW) Bruise (f BOU) Cancer (f WOI) Catarrh (f WOI) Childbirth (f DEP) Cold (f UPW) Convulsion (1 PR16 395) Cough (f WOI) Cystosis (f UPW) Dysmenorrhea (f GHA) Dyspepsia (1 UPW WOI) Fever (f WOI) Fungus (1 X7898373) Gas (f WOI) Gastrosis (f BOU WOI) Gingivosis (12 BOU UPW WOI X15560804) Gonorrhea (f UPW WOI) Headache (f UPW) Hemorrhoid (f WOI) Infection (1 X7898373) Infertility (f UPW) Leukoderma (f KAB) Malarial (1 X12426089) Mycosis (1 X7898373 X15560804) Odontosis (f1 GHA X15890471) Ozoena (f WOI) Pain (f WOI) Periodontosis (f1 GHA JAC7 405 X2239575) Plaque (f1 GHA X15560804) Pulmonosis (f UPW) Rheumatism (f KAB WOI) Rhinosis (f WOI) Scabies (f WOI) Snakebite (f KAB) Sore (f BOU GHA) Splenosis (f BOU WOI) Sting (f GHA) Stomachache (f BOU UPW) Stomatosis (f UPW X15890471) Streptococcus (1 X11887585 X14973564)...

Types of Fiber

Complex carbohydrates, which are a major source of energy for the body, are comprised of two main classes starch, which is digestible, and fiber, which is generally not digestible. There are also two kinds of fiber insoluble and soluble. Insoluble fiber, found in wheat bran and some fruits and vegetables, cannot be dissolved in water. This type of fiber is made up of cellulose and hemicellulose, substances that offer rigidity to plant material (e.g., the peels and skins of fruits and vegetables, wood, stems, and the outer coverings of nuts, seeds, and grains). Insoluble fiber acts as a natural laxative, giving stool the bulk necessary to move quickly through the gastrointestinal tract. In addition to preventing constipation and hemorrhoids, insoluble fiber may also reduce the risk of colon cancer by speeding the passage of food through the digestive tract.

Adult Nutrition

Hemorrhoids swollen blood vessels in the rectum It is usually at this age that young adults start gaining body fat and reducing their physical activity, resulting in an accumulation of fat in the abdominal areas. This is an ever-increasing risk factor in the population of the United States, where obesity is not only a problem in adults, but also in children. It is believed that the high level of obesity in the United States is mostly due to bad dietary practices such as eating a high-fat, low-complex carbohydrate (low fiber) diet, including excessive amounts of meat. The indulgence in fast foods and a lack of regular physical activity are major factors. Obesity is a risk factor for other degenerative diseases, such as type II (adult onset) diabetes, diseases of heart and circulation, and certain cancers. Another nutritional problem related to eating such a diet is constipation, due to low-fiber diets. This may result in hemorrhoids, diverticulosis, appendicitis, and other more serious...

Fiber Clean

Fiber rich food, like beans and legumes, cleanse the small fingerlike projecting villi in the digestive system. Fiber helps lower blood cholesterol and stabilizes blood sugar. Beet and oatmeal fiber prevent colon cancer, constipation, hemorrhoids, obesity, and many other disorders. It is also good for removing certain toxic metals from the body. Because the refining process has removed much of the natural fiber from our foods, the typical American diet is lacking fiber. How much fiber is in a fry or jelly doughnut

Historical Usage

Preparations such as decoctions, ointments, and tinctures of gallnuts used as an astringent were described in detail in the The British Pharmaceutical Codex (Galla, 1911). These preparations were used to arrest hemorrhage from the nose or gums, to lessen discharge from mucous membranes, as in leukorrhea, and as an astringent in painful hemorrhoids.

Indications Myrrh

(f PH2) Dandruff (1 JAR12 83) Decubitis (f BGB BOW) Dermatosis (1 APA MAD PH2 WI3) Diabetes (f1 JNP64 1460 X12506289) Diarrhea (f MAD JNP64 1460) Dicrocoeliasis (12 X15287191) Diptheria (f NAD) Dropsy (f BIB) Dysentery (f MAD) Dyslactea (f DEP) Dysmenorrhea (f1 BGB NAD PH2) Dyspepsia (f APA DEP FEL GHA NAD) Dysuria (f MAD) Earache (f BIB) Edema (1 X9582001) Enterosis (f DEP PH2) Epilepsy (f DEP) Erysipelas (f MAD) Fascioliasis (12 X5125536) Fever (f BIB DEP GHA MAD) Fracture (f GHA) Freckle (f MAD) Fungus (1 JNP64 1460) Furunculosis (1 CAN PH2) Gangrene (f FEL) Gas (f APA DEP MAD) Gastrosis (f FEL PH2 PNC JNP64 1460) Gingivosis (f1 APA DEP FEL PNC SKY) Gleet (f FEL) Gonorrhea (f FEL) Halitosis (f FEL) Hemorrhoids (f APA BGB BIB GHA) Hepatosis (f1 MAD X15125513) Hoarseness (f APA) Hypothyroidism (1 WAF) Impotence (f GHA) Infection (f12 DEP PH2 JNP64 1460) Infertility (f MAD) Inflammation (f1 BGB DEP GHA PH2 WI3) Itch (f1 WI3) Laryngitis (f FEL) Leprosy (f APA) Leukorrhea (f FEL MAD)...

Indications Endive

Anorexia (f HJP) Biliousness (f WOI) Cancer (f JLH) Cancer, liver (f JLH) Cancer, spleen (f JLH) Cancer, throat (f JLH) Cancer, uterus (f JLH) Catarrh (f HJP) Cramp (f HJP) Diarrhea (f HJP) Dropsy (f BIB HJP) Dyspepsia (f BIB) Enterosis (f HJP) Fever (f BIB WO2) Gastro-sis (f HJP) Gout (f HJP) Headache (f BIB) Hemorrhoid (f HJP) Hepatosis (f BIB) Impotence (f HJP) Induration (f BIB) Inflammation (f JLH) Jaundice (f BIB) Pharyngosis (f BIB) Pulm-onosis (f HJP) Splenosis (f BIB) Swelling (f JLH) Toothache (f HJP) Uterosis (f BIB) Wart (f HJP) Water (f BIB) Worm (f HJP) Wound (f HJP).

Indications Dill

PH2 TRA X12493079) Halitosis (f1 APA PH2) Heart Problems (1 TRA) Hemorrhoid (f1 APA CRC) Hepatosis (f2 JLH PHR) High Blood Pressure (1 APA FNF TRA) High Cholesterol (1 X11409638) Induration (f CRC JLH) Infection (f12 APA PHR) Insomnia (12 APA CRC PHR PH2) Jaundice (f AHL CRC) Mastosis (f CRC JLH) Mycosis (1 TRA X12797755) Nephrosis (f APA PH2) Neuroses (1 APA) Obesity (1 X11409638) Pain (f BOU DEP) Pharyngosis (12 PHR) Respirosis (f PH2) Salmonella (1 TRA) Sclerosis (f CRC) Scirrhus (f JLH) Scurvy (f1 CRC) Shigellosis (1 TRA) Salmonella (1 TRA) Sore (f CRC) Spasms (f PHR) Splenosis (f JLH) Staphylococcus (1 CRC) Stomachache (f1 APA BOU CRC JFM TRA) Stomatosis (12 PHR) Syphilis (f PH2) Tumor (f CRC JLH) Urethrosis (1 APA PH2) Uterosis (f JLH) UTI's (f APA PHR) Venereal Disease (f PH2) Worm (f PH2) Yeast (1 X12797755).

Indications Chicory

KOM PH2 VVG) Edema (f VAD) Enterosis (f PH2) Epilepsy (f WO3) Fever (f BOU DEP DEM FAD GHA WO2) Gallstone (f FAD FAH) Gastrosis (f HHB JLH WBB) Gingivosis (f JLH) Glossosis (f JLH) Gout (f1 PNC WO2 X12203269) Gravel (f GMH NAD) Headache (f GHA PH2 WO2) Heartburn (f GAZ) Hemorrhoid (f HJP PH2 WBB) Hepatosis (f12 DEP FAD FAH JLH PHR PNC VVG) High Blood Pressure (1 VAD) Hypercholesterolemia (1 FAH PHR) Hyperglycemia (1 FAD) Hypertriglyceridemia (1 ORAFTI9) Induration (f JLH) Infection (1 FAD) Inflammation (f1 APA FAD GMH WO2 X15649409) Insomnia (f GMH) Jaundice (f FAD GHA GMH VVG WO2) Lachrymosis (f JLH) Lumbago (f KAB) Malaria (f1 X15507374) Melancholy (f PH2) Nausea (f DEP WBB) Nephrosis (f VAD VVG) Obesity (f1 FAH VAD) Oliguria (f VAD) Ophthalmia (f DEM) Pain (f KAB) Pharyngosis (f WO2) Pseudomonas (1 X15567253) Pulmonosis (f GMH) Pyelonephrosis (f VAD) Respirosis (f HHB) Rash (f PH2) Rheumatism (f GMH PNC WO2) Sclerosis (f JLH) Sore (f DEM) Sore Throat (f PH2 WO2) Splenomegaly (f NAD...

Indications Benzoin

Arthrosis (f CRC) Asthma (f DEP) Bacteria (1 FNF) Bronchosis (f BIB CRC) Cancer (f1 CRC FNF JLH) Cardalgia (f LMP) Catarrh (f CRC PH2) Circumcision (f CRC) Cold sore (f CRC JFM) Colic (f CRC) Constipation (f1 FNF) Corn (f JLH) Coryza (f IHB) Cough (f1 CRC) Cramp (f1 FNF) Cystosis (f DEP) Dermatosis (f IHB LMP) Diarrhea (f DAD) Earache (f1 FNF) Enteralgia (f LMP) Fever (f IHB) Fungus (1 FNF) Gastrosis (f PH2) Gout (1 FNF) Heart (f LMP) Hemorrhoid (f LMP) Herpes (f CRC) Infection (f1 CRC EFS SKJ) Inflammation (f1 FNF) Insomnia (f1 FNF) Itch (f IHB) Labor (f LMP) Laryngitis (f BIB CRC IHB) Mastosis (f CRC IHB) Mucososis (f DEP) Mycosis (1 FNF) Nipple (f IHB) Pain (f LMP PH2) Pharyngosis (f IHB) Phthisis (f DEP) Podiatry (f IHB) Polio (1 FNF) Polyp (f JLH) Pulmonosis (f PH2) Respirosis (f PH2) Rheumatism (f IHB LMP) Rhinosis (f JLH) Ringworm (f CRC IHB) Shingle (f CRC) Sickle Cell Anemia (1 FNF) Spermatorrhea (f CRC) Stomachache (f PH2) Stroke (f LMP PH2) Syncope (f LMP PH2) Ulcer (1 FNF)...


John's wort's use as a medicinal herb continued in Europe throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It was commonly made into teas and tinctures for treatment of anxiety, depression, insomnia, water retention, and gastritis. Externally, vegetable oil preparations have been used for treatment of hemorrhoids and inflammation. Others have used St. John's wort extracts to treat sores, cuts, minor burns, and abrasions, especially those involving nerve damage (3,6,7).

The Large Intestine

The beneficial effects of dietary fiber on the alimentary tract were emphasized by another of the founders of the dietary fiber hypothesis, Denis Burkitt, who based his arguments largely on the concept of fecal bulk, developed as a result of field observations in rural Africa, where cancer and other chronic bowel diseases were rare. His hypothesis was that populations consuming the traditional rural diets, rich in vegetables and cereal foods, produced bulkier, more frequent stools than persons eating the refined diets typical of industrialized societies. Chronic constipation was thought to cause straining of abdominal muscles during passage of stool, leading to prolonged high pressures within the colonic lumen and the lower abdomen. This in turn was thought to increase the risk of various diseases of muscular degeneration including varicose veins, hemorrhoids, hiatus hernia, and colonic diverticulas. Colorectal neoplasia was also thought to result from infrequent defecation, because...

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