Your emotions during weeks 13 to

Your baby is probably starting to seem more real to you this month, especially now that you're growing out of your jeans and you've been able to hear your baby's heartbeat during visits to your health care provider. You're likely also finding that your nausea is easing off, you're sleeping better, and your energy is returning. As a result, you're probably feeling less moody and more up to the challenge of preparing a home for your baby.

Strike while the iron is hot. While your mood and energy are up, start taking care of the "housekeeping" details of pregnancy. If you're interested in childbirth classes for you and your partner, investigate the options and get signed up. Ask friends and family to recommend pediatricians or other health care providers for your baby. Once you've identified a few candidates, schedule meetings with them so that you can discuss philosophy and office procedures (see "Decision Guide: Choosing your baby's health care provider" on page 359). Now is also a good time to familiarize yourself with maternity and paternity leave policies and to investigate child-care options if both you and your partner will be returning to work after your baby is born.

As you take care of these details, you may find it a little difficult to concentrate. You may even feel a little scatterbrained or forgetful. This is normal, no matter how organized you were (or weren't) before pregnancy. Take these foggy moments in stride. You'll be back to your usual self in a few months.

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