Your babys appearance

Considering what they've just been through during labor and childbirth, it's no wonder that newborn babies don't look like the sweet little angels seen on television. Instead, your newborn will first appear somewhat messy looking. If your baby is like most, his or her head will be a bit misshapen and larger than you expected. The eyelids may be puffy, and his or her arms and legs may be drawn up as they were in the uterus. He or she may be somewhat bloody, wet and slippery from amniotic fluid.

In addition, most babies will be born with what appears like skin lotion. Called vernix, it'll be most noticeable under your baby's arms, behind the ears and in the groin. Premature babies, especially, are coated with it. Most of this vernix will be washed off during your baby's first bath.

My First Baby

My First Baby

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