Who might not be a candidate for a VBAC

In some cases, a repeat Caesarean birth is a better option than VBAC. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, labor should not be attempted in the following situations:

• You have a prior classical or T-shaped incision or another simular type of uterine surgery

• Your pelvic opening is too narrow to allow a baby's head to pass through

• You have a medical or obstetric problem that precludes vaginal delivery

• You're at a facility that can't perform emergency Caesarean birth

Medical experts disagree on whether to attempt labor in these circumstances:

• You've had more than two previous Caesarean births

• You have an unknown uterine scar

• You're carrying more than one baby

• You're more than two weeks past your due date

• Your health care provider suspects that your baby is larger than normal

In these situations, your best bet is to discuss with your health care provider the potential risks and benefits associated with your particular case.

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