What parents say about bottlefeeding with formula

Parents who bottle-feed report these advantages:

• Flexibility. Using a bottle with formula allows more than one person to feed the baby. For that reason, some mothers feel that they have more freedom when they're bottle-feeding. Fathers may like bottle-feeding because it allows them to share more easily in the feeding responsibilities.

Bottle-feeding can present challenges, such as:

• Time-consuming preparation. You have to prepare the bottle for each feeding. You've got to keep a supply of formula at hand. Bottles and nipples always need to be washed. If you go out, you need to take a supply of formula with you.

• Cost of formula. Formula is costly, which is a concern for some parents.

• Baby's tolerance to formula. It may take time to find a formula that works well for some infants.

• Breast discomfort. If you choose not to breast-feed after your baby is born, your breasts may be swollen and somewhat tender for a while and eventually will stop producing milk.

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