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The senses of taste and touch are making good progress this week. Taste buds are starting to form on your baby's tongue, and your baby's brain and nerve endings are now mature enough to process the sensation of touch. If you could sneak a peek at your baby this week, you might see him or her experimenting with this newfound sense of touch — feeling his or her face, sucking a thumb or touching other body parts. At this point your baby isn't

looking for anything in particular but rather is touching whatever comes to hand.

Your baby's reproductive system is continuing to develop, too. If you're having a boy, his testes are beginning to descend from his abdomen this week. If you're having a girl, her uterus and ovaries are now in place, and her vagina is developed. Your baby girl has already made all the eggs she'll need for her own reproductive life.

By 22 weeks into your pregnancy, your baby is about 7 /2 inches long, head to rump, and weighs about 1 pound.

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