This week your baby's skin becomes covered with a slippery, white, fatty coating called vernix caseosa, or vernix for short. Vernix helps protect your baby's delicate skin, keeping it from becoming chapped or scratched. Under the vernix, a fine, down-like hair called lanugo covers your baby's skin.

Your baby's kidneys are developed enough to make urine this week. Your baby's urine is excreted into your amniotic sac, the bag of waters inside your uterus that contains your baby and your amniotic fluid.

Your baby's hearing is now well-developed. He or she is probably hearing lots of different sounds, maybe even your conversations. Mom's voice is by far the most prominent in any conversation. If you sing or talk to your baby, it's reasonable to think he or she might notice. It's less clear whether your baby is currently able to recognize particular sounds.

Your baby's brain is developing millions of motor neurons, nerves that help the muscles and brain communicate. As a result, your baby probably is now making conscious muscle movements, such as sucking a thumb or moving his or her head, as well as involuntary movements. You may or may not be able to feel these movements yet. If you haven't, you will soon.

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