Trying again after a pregnancy loss

A pregnancy loss can be an extremely difficult experience. You may feel as if your hopes for the future have been taken from you. These feelings can occur even if the pregnancy was only a few weeks along.

There's no set of rules about what you will or will not feel after a pregnancy loss. You may even feel simply numb for a while. Allow yourself to have your feelings. Try to work through them.

Grieving a pregnancy loss takes time. Some couples think that they must try to conceive again right away in order to fix the problem or replace the hurt. Unfortunately, it's unlikely that a subsequent pregnancy will carry the same feelings of innocence and bliss. A pregnancy after a loss can be highly stressful because of anxiety and fear that something may go wrong.

Although a pregnancy loss can be extremely difficult, it doesn't mean you won't be able to have another baby. In most cases, your chances of having a normal, healthy pregnancy are still excellent, even if you've had more than one or two losses. Your decision on whether and when to try again rests on the type of pregnancy you had, as well as your physical and emotional recovery.

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