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Most women greet the end of their pregnancies with a mixture of anticipation and, often, nervousness. But try not to worry. Women's bodies are made to accommodate labor and delivery. Labor, as the name implies, is work, that's true. But you can help make the experience go as smoothly as possible by learning about the birth process and by practicing relaxation techniques.

Many women experience a spurt of energy in the last weeks of pregnancy, a behavior often referred to as nesting. You may find yourself cleaning like mad and anxious to start any projects that you've put to the side. Even though the thought of coming home to a clean house may be tempting, try not to wear yourself out. You'll need the energy for the work ahead.

In the last weeks of pregnancy, finish up final tasks, but more importantly, try to focus on savoring the time before your baby arrives. Treat yourself to a nice dinner or fun outing. Indulge in a favorite hobby. Read a good book. Cuddle with your partner. Visit with friends and family. Staying busy but relaxed will help time move along until the day arrives and you're in labor.

Staying Relaxed

Staying Relaxed

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