The breast or the bottle

Do you plan to feed your baby with breast milk or formula?

A great deal of scientific evidence supports the idea that breast milk is best for babies. And many new moms hear the message. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, 65 percent of new mothers in the United States initiate breast-feeding. At six months, almost one-third are still breast-feeding their babies.

For a variety of reasons, other women choose to feed their babies with formula. Today's commercial formulas ensure that babies can be well nourished with bottle-feeding.

No matter whether you choose the breast or bottle, the first few weeks with your newborn are likely to be demanding and exhausting. Both you and your baby are adapting to an entirely new reality, and that takes time.

Throughout this adjustment, remember that feeding your newborn is about more than the nourishment. It's a time of cuddling and closeness that helps build the connection between you and your baby. Whether you feed by breast or bottle, make every feeding a time to bond with your baby. Stroke his or her skin while maintaining eye contact. Find a quiet place to feed the child, where you're both less likely to be distracted. Cherish the time before your baby is old enough to start feeding himself or herself. That time will come soon enough.

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