sciatica. A temporary condition caused by extra pressure on one or both sciatic nerves. This may cause pain, tingling or numbness running down your buttocks, thighs and lower legs. spina bifida. A defect in the spine that results in failure of the vertebrae to fuse. This can occur in any vertebra but is most commonly found in the lower spine. spinal block. An anesthetic technique in which medication is injected into the fluid surrounding the spinal nerves, resulting in nearly immediate anesthesia in a segment of the body. station. A measurement of the descent of a fetus in the birth canal relative to a bony landmark that can be felt on pelvic exam. stillbirth. The delivery of a baby who has died in the uterus. surfactant. A substance covering the inner lining of the air sacs in the lungs that allows the lungs to expand normally during breathing.

Staying Relaxed

Staying Relaxed

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