Reasons for a previous Caesarean birth

The causes behind your first Caesarean birth tend to have an influence over a trial of labor afterward:

• If your first Caesarean was performed for a reason that may not necessarily recur, your chance of having a successful vaginal delivery is the same as that of a woman who has never had a Caesarean birth. Examples include an infection, pregnancy-induced high blood pressure (preeclampsia), placental problems and fetal distress.

• If you've had at least one vaginal delivery either before or after your Caesarean birth, you're more likely to have a successful VBAC than is someone who hasn't had a vaginal delivery.

• If you've previously had a difficult labor because of the size of your child or the small size of your pelvis (dystocia), you may still have a successful VBAC. But the chances are somewhat lower than if you had a Caesarean birth for a nonrecurring condition.

• If you have a chronic medical condition where problems may arise again during labor and delivery, you and your health care provider may decide on a repeat Caesarean.

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