Pudendal block

These medications include chloroprocaine, lidocaine and other "caine" drugs.

When it's administered

A pudendal block may be given shortly before delivery.

How it's administered

This medication is injected into the wall of your vagina at a specific location marked by a bony landmark in your pelvis.

How it affects you

Just as a dentist can block pain from a group of your teeth by giving an injection at a specific location, your health care provider can use an injection to block pain in the area between your vagina and anus (perineum). It provides numbness that lasts for several minutes up to an hour. It's useful if a forceps-assisted delivery or vacuum extraction becomes necessary. It provides pain relief if you need an episiotomy or if you tear during your delivery. It doesn't lessen the pain of contractions.

Possible concerns

Use of this technique may result in a slightly decreased urge to push. Allergies to the medication occur occasionally, and injecting it into a blood vessel can cause problems. Generally, it has no negative effects on you or your baby.

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