complications of pregnancy and childbirth

Every woman wants a problem-free pregnancy. But at times, problems develop. If you have or develop a medical condition, it can change how your pregnancy proceeds. "Complications of Pregnancy and Childbirth" explains some of the problems that can develop, how they might affect your pregnancy, and how you and your health care provider can manage the situation.

Maternal health problems and pregnancy

Asthma 507

Cancer 508

High blood pressure 511

Depression 512

Diabetes 513

Epilepsy 515

Gallstones 517

Heart disease 518

Hepatitis B 519

Herpes 520


Hyperthyroidism 522

Hypothyroidism 523

Immune thrombocytopenic purpura 524

Inflammatory bowel disease 525

Lupus erythematosus 526

Phenylketonuria 527

Rheumatoid arthritis 528

Sexually transmitted diseases 528

Sickle cell disease 530

Uterine fibroids 531

Problems of labor and childbirth

Labor that fails to start 567

Labor that fails to progress 570

Assisted birth 570

Complications with the baby 573

Fetal intolerance of labor 577

Postpartum conditions

Deep vein thrombophlebitis 579

Endometritis 580

Mastitis 581

Post-Caesarean wound infection 582

Postpartum bleeding 582

Postpartum depression 585

Urinary tract infection 587

Problems during pregnancy

Preterm labor 533

Pregnancy loss 537

Depression 545

Gestational diabetes 547

Hyperemesis gravidarum 550

Intrauterine growth restriction 550

Iron deficiency anemia 553

Placental abruption 554

Placenta previa 555

Preeclampsia 557

Rhesus factor incompatibility 559

Infections during pregnancy

Chickenpox 561

Cytomegalovirus 562

Fifth disease 563

Group B streptococcus 563

Listeriosis 564

German measles (rubella) 565

Toxoplasmosis 565


Supplements For Diabetics

Supplements For Diabetics

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