Navel soreness

■ 2nd trimester

Along with the other aches and pains associated with your expanding uterus, your navel area may feel tender or sore. This tenderness might be most noticeable as you pass the 20th week of pregnancy and then subside as your belly grows. You may feel most uncomfortable when sitting upright.

The stretching and separation of the two large bands of muscles that run along your abdomen also can cause some soreness around your belly-button. (See also Abdominal tenderness due to muscle separation.)

■ Self-care for navel soreness

To relieve tenderness around your navel, use the pads of your fingers to massage your abdomen in a circular pattern, or ask your partner to do this for you. Apply a cold or warm compress to your bellybutton to soothe it. If pain around your navel is accompanied by severe loss of appetite, this could be a more serious problem. A call to your health care provider is in order.

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