In the recovery room

Immediately after surgery, you'll be taken to a recovery room. There, your vital signs can be monitored frequently, about every 15 minutes, until the anesthesia has worn off and your condition is stable. This generally takes an hour or two, but it can take longer if you've had general anesthesia. During your time in the recovery room, you and your partner may have a few minutes alone with your baby so that you can start to get acquainted.

If you've chosen to breast-feed your baby, you may be able to do it for the first time in the recovery room, if you're feeling up to it. When it comes to breast-feeding, the sooner you start, the better. Pillows placed behind you can help you get into a comfortable position. In fact, if you've had an epidural, breast-feeding may be more comfortable for several hours after surgery, while the anesthesia is still working. However, if you've had general anesthesia, you may be groggy and uncomfortable for a few hours after surgery. You may want to wait until you've received medication for pain before beginning breast-feeding.

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