Do you feel like raiding the refrigerator constantly since you got pregnant? Feeling hungrier than usual is normal — most women experience an increase in appetite throughout pregnancy. That makes sense because you need about 300 extra calories a day to nurture your baby's growth and development.

Some women have the opposite problem: a lack of appetite due to nausea. Or you may be hungry for a certain type of food, such as fruits, chocolate, mashed potatoes or cereal. Especially during the first trimester, hormonal changes can cause changes in appetite.

As long as you're eating a variety of nutritious foods, you don't have to be too concerned about appetite changes, including increased hunger and cravings. If you're frequently hungry, eat small meals throughout the day. Focus on eating low-fat, healthy foods. If you're frequently nauseated, try eating small amounts of bland foods throughout the day. If nausea or lack of appetite makes you eat less once in a while, don't worry that your baby will be harmed. The fetus gets first dibs on the nutrients you consume. (See also Nausea throughout the day.)

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