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The bottles for feeding your baby can be glass, plastic or plastic with a soft plastic liner. When your baby is old enough to hold a bottle, you may want to use plastic bottles for safety reasons. Some bottles are shaped to better fit a baby's hands.

Bottles generally come in two sizes: 4 ounces and 8 ounces. The amount the bottle holds isn't an indication of how much your baby needs to drink in a feeding. Your baby may need less or more for any given feeding.

Many types of nipples are on the market. For many babies, it makes little difference which nipples you use. But for a full-term baby, don't select overly soft nipples designed for use by a premature baby. A full-term baby should use a regular nipple. Use only one or two different types of nipples for your baby's bottles. Using too many different types may be confusing to your baby.

It's important that milk flows from the nipple at the correct speed. Milk flow that's either too fast or too slow can cause your baby to swallow too much air, leading to stomach discomfort and the need for frequent burping. Test the flow of the nipple by turning the bottle upside down and timing the drops. One drop per second is about right. Nipples now come in sizes for the newborn, three-month-old, six-month-old, and so on, making the flow out of the nipple appropriate for the child's age.

My First Baby

My First Baby

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