You misplace your keys, forget an appointment, can't focus on your work. If you feel like you've turned into a scatterbrain since getting pregnant, you're not alone. Some women become more forgetful or absent-minded during pregnancy. You may have trouble concentrating and feel like you're in a fog. These symptoms, similar to what some women experience premenstrually, are a temporary effect of hormonal changes.

■ Prevention and self-care for forgetfulness Consider these tips to feel more in control:

• Accept that being a little absent-minded during pregnancy is normal. Getting uptight about it will just make it worse. Now's the time to have a sense of humor.

• Reduce the stresses in your life as much as possible.

• Keep lists at home and at work to keep from forgetting things you need to do. Some women benefit from using an electronic organizer.

■ Medical care for forgetfulness

No medical treatment has been shown to improve mental alertness. The herbal remedy ginkgo is touted as a memory booster, but it's not considered safe for use during pregnancy.

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