Enjoying pregnancy

This month marks the end of the second trimester of pregnancy. Things will undoubtedly be exciting during the last three months until your baby arrives, but they'll also likely be a bit stressful. You'll be busy buying final supplies, finishing your baby's room, attending childbirth classes and making more frequent visits to your health care provider. Plus, the last three months of pregnancy will bring new physical demands on your body.

Make an effort to really enjoy this month of your pregnancy — before the craziness and discomforts of the final months begin. Take some time to think about your pregnancy thus far and write down your thoughts in a journal. Play soft music or talk soothingly and lovingly to your baby. Take photos so that you can show your baby what you looked like when he or she was "under construction." Do whatever works for you to revel in the emotions and sensations of being pregnant. They'll be gone in just a few short months.

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