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You're being grabbed around the middle by a gorilla ... flying over tall buildings ... talking to your newborn, who is talking back! Vivid dreams and nightmares are common during pregnancy. Dreams may be the mind's way of processing unconscious information. During this time of emotional and physical changes, your dreams may seem more intense and strange. You may find that you're dreaming more frequently or remembering your dreams more clearly when you wake up. Indeed, if you're regularly waking up during the night to urinate or shift to a more comfortable position, you're more likely to interrupt a cycle of dream-filled rapid eye movement (REM) sleep.

You may have anxiety dreams or nightmares. Try not to be disturbed about them. They reflect your apprehension and excitement about this major life change.

One way to enjoy your heightened dream world is to record your dreams in a dream journal. Writing about dreams can be a way to reflect on and come to terms with your experiences.

If disturbing dreams or nightmares are causing you distress, it might be helpful to talk with a therapist or counselor to help discover what's troubling you.

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