Confronting your fears

This month you may be starting to have some fears about the process of giving birth. In fact, you may have been having them for a while: "What if I don't make it to the hospital in time? How will I cope with baring myself in front of strangers? What if I lose control during labor? What if there's something wrong with the baby?"

Your partner is probably pondering some of these same questions. Often, parents-to-be have the same concerns as their partners but don't admit it. Each may think he or she must be "strong" for the other. Your partner is probably also worried about something happening to you during labor and delivery.

Childbirth preparation classes are a great place to address these fears. They typically begin between the sixth and seventh months of pregnancy and involve weekly sessions over six to eight weeks. These classes are a unique opportunity. They allow you to talk about your fears with other couples who probably share the same concerns. Plus, they provide you with access to a trained childbirth educator who can address your fears point by point, dispelling myths and providing helpful information. This can lighten your emotional load.

Take time to sit down and make a list of your fears, and ask your partner to do the same. Then compare lists. Share those concerns with your childbirth educator, with the other couples in your class and with your health care provider. Sharing helps. When you share your fears, they have less power over you.

Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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