Blurred vision

Changes in your eyes during pregnancy can cause slightly blurred vision. Because your body retains extra fluid, the outer layer of your eye (cornea) becomes about 3 percent thicker.

This change may become apparent by the 10th week of pregnancy and persists until about six weeks after the baby is born. In addition, the pressure of fluid within your eyeball (intraocular pressure) decreases during pregnancy. In combination, these changes can in rare cases cause blurred vision.

If you wear contact lenses, particularly hard lenses, you may find them uncomfortable because of these changes.

■ Prevention and self-care for blurred vision

If your contact lenses are uncomfortable, you may want to wear glasses more often instead. But it's not necessary to change your eye lens prescription during pregnancy. Your vision will return to normal after you give birth.

■ When to seek medical help for blurred vision

If you experience sudden onset of blurred vision, have it evaluated. That's especially critical if you have diabetes. Talk to your health care provider about establishing good control of your diabetes, monitoring your blood sugar and about any vision problems you experience.

Blurred vision may also be caused by preeclampsia, a disease that produces an increase in blood pressure. Talk to your health care provider if you notice a sudden change in your vision, if your vision is very blurry or if you're seeing spots in front of your eyes. High blood pressure can lead to serious problems with the pregnancy.

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