Babys hiccups

Starting about midway through your pregnancy, you may occasionally notice a slight twitching or little spasms in your abdomen. Your baby probably has the hiccups. Fetal hiccups develop as early as the 15th week of gestation, even before breathing movements become common. Some fetuses get hiccups several times a day, and others never get them. After they're born, most babies have frequent bouts of hiccups. They're common after a feeding, particularly after burping. No one knows why they occur — in babies or adults — or why babies have them so often.

Fortunately, hiccups pose no danger to babies before or after birth. There's no reliable way to stop hiccups in a baby. They don't cause the same discomfort in babies as they do in adults, though a newborn with hiccups may fuss or cry.

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