What Parents Can Do

Parents can encourage speech development by talking and reading to the child, singing songs to the baby. Vocabulary and sentence length should be adjusted for the child's level. Reading together out loud also helps to improve vocabulary, sequencing, and attention span.

spider bite While most of the more than 50,000 species of spider found in the United States actually possess poison glands connected to their fangs, only a very few are capable of piercing human skin. Those that can include the black widow (Latrodectus), brown recluse spider (Loxosceles), jumping spider (Phidippus), and tarantula (a common name given to many large spiders). Two species of spider are responsible for most of the serious spider bites in the United States; widow spiders and the brown recluse.

In general, most spider attacks occur when someone disturbs a spider's nest while working outdoors or making house repairs. While tarantulas rarely cause problems, their bite is painful because of their size of their fangs. Brown recluse spiders are most often found in dark places like outhouses.

spina bifida The most common permanently disabling birth defect that affects about one out of every 1,000 newborns in the United States. Spina bifida, the most common neural tube defect, is one of the most devastating of all birth defects.

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