Ideally, the foot should be straightened so that it can grow and develop normally. Treatment options for infants include serial manipulation and casting, a type of treatment that begins with stretching of the foot by hand right after diagnosis. Soon after birth, the baby's foot is encased in a cast to help stretch the soft tissues of the foot so that the position of the foot can be held in place. The doctor changes the plaster casts every week for the first month, then every two weeks until the foot is straight (usually from six to 12 weeks). The foot usually responds to this type of treatment within the first few months; half of all children with clubfeet are successfully treated with serial manipulation and casting alone.

Surgery If the position of the foot does not respond to serial manipulation and casting, then surgery may be considered. Sometimes percutaneous heel cord lengthening is used to augment casting.

Ideally, surgery is performed on children six to nine months of age. During surgery, the foot is aligned in a more normal position and a pin is

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