Without treatment, a child can die from H. flu meningitis; with antibiotics, about 95 percent of children recover. Any child with possible H. flu meningitis will be admitted to the hospital for Iv antibiotics. A baby or child would also receive dex-amethasone before the first dose of antibiotic and continue to take it for two to four days to prevent hearing problems.

Children should rest in a darkened, quiet room; any fever higher than 101°F should be treated with acetaminophen and sponge baths.

A child with H. flu meningitis is considered to be infectious until after receiving 24 hours of antibiotics; however, even after recovery some children will carry bacteria in nose and mouth. Rifampin is given to eliminate this bacteria. Healthy carriers are infectious for a few weeks to a few months, and should also be given rifampin.

Children who recover from this type of meningitis, as well as those who are vaccinated, are immune.

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