In many cases, hives will disappear or fade away on their own without any treatment. More persistent cases will respond to antihistamines, but other drugs also may be prescribed by the pediatrician, including adrenaline or epinephrine, terbutaline, oral corticosteroids, or cimetidine.

home alone The age at which a child can legally be left alone at home varies from state to state, although many laws stipulate age 11 as a minimum. The age at which a child is emotionally, mentally, and physically able to stay at home varies from child to child. Most children and young teens feel more comfortable if a sibling or friend stays home with them.

A child who is home alone should be instructed never to tell anyone he is alone and not answer the door. Children should have phone numbers not just for a parent, but for the police and a close neighbor as well. An extra key left with a neighbor or relative is a good idea.

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