There is no standard treatment, but some patients may respond to some antiparasitic drugs. Intravenous fluids may be necessary, and antidiarrheal drugs may help.

Cyclospora cayetanensis infection Infestation with a parasitic microbe that causes intense diarrhea, weight loss, and fatigue. It was identified as a cause of human disease only recently. The United States is currently battling its fourth epidemic of cyclospora, which began in the spring of 1996. Contaminated raspberries have sickened more than 1,000 people in 11 states east of the Rocky Mountains. In the most recent outbreak, scientists have found it hard to track the source of the problem because it takes a week between ingestion and onset of symptoms. While health officials did not find cyclospora in any raw fruit, they suspect it only takes a few microbes to infect a person.

The first outbreak in the United States was probably in 1979, although it was never properly identified; it came to the attention of officials in Chicago in 1989. This was followed by reports of outbreaks in Morocco, Peru, and New Guinea. The first full description of the disease was reported in the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene in 1991.

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